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Originally Posted by Methos1979 View Post

Then there is this strap with a built-in locking mechanism which looks slick but the straps are pretty plain and ugly and I like my leather strap:

D'Addario Accessories Auto Lock Guitar Strap (50BAL00)
I ended up ordering the D'Addario locking guitar strap as it was the only option between the two that was Prime and would get here in time for tomorrow's gig. As expected the strap is very plain, just a black nylon. I will say that the strap is very well made and the nylon is heavy duty but it's also very smooth and slick (slippery) which makes the guitar slide around when you don't have 'control' of the neck or body so if your guitar is even the slightest bit top or bottom heavy it will rotate. Turns out the X10 is every so slightly top heavy - first I've noticed.

All that said, the locking mechanism works very well and as advertised, clipping on and off relatively easily and the guitar is indeed held in place firmly with no worry about it falling off. Because it's not as wide or padded as my much preferred leather straps it's not as comfortable but since the guitar is also very lightweight it's not all that uncomfortable either. I practiced with it today for a good hour and although I did notice the feel as being less comfortable it really only was noticeable when I actually thought about it. So I guess from a piece of mind standpoint (not worrying about my beautiful custom guitar hitting the pavement!) it is the lesser of two evils and I don't have to worry about attempting to cut off the bottom strap button.

Maybe D'Addario will offer these in a more attractive decorative leather strap down the road or at least with a wider and padded decorative nylon. Note that the do offer a couple designs and a plain black padded strap with these locking device tabs built in but nothing nice enough to make me want to buy it over the plain black.

Photos to follow.

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