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Default Methos1979's All-things Guitar Review thread

Below are links to the various reviews I've done here on AGF over the years.

Guitars - NGD posts!

NGD: RainSong DR-BI 12 fret dread in Black Ice - long, detailed with video

NGD: RainSong Nashville Shorty N-OM1000NSX vs CH-OM1000NS - Shorty Shootout!

NGD: RainSong CH-OM1000NS

NGD: Froggy Bottom H12 Deluxe

NTGD: Escape Mark III by Traveler Guitar

NGD: Martin D-1 Custom 12 fret all hog slope dread - Demo video added

NGD: Cole Clark Fat Lady 2 - a dread for a non-dread guy

NGD: Cole Clark Little Lady 2 - Updated! Video shootout with Angel & X7!!

NGD: Cole Clark Angel 2 - updated, two weeks in, video added

NGD: Emerald X10 Nylon Custom Woody

NGD: Yamaha SLG200N 'Silent Guitar' (Nylon model)

NGD: Emerald X7 Custom Woody

NGD: Journey Overhead OF660B - with week-long, real-time travel

NGD: Emerald Custom Woody and the Christmas Miracle (warning - long!)

NGD: Martin 000-18GE Custom with photos and video review

NGD: Emerald X7 September Select series!

NGD: Journey Overhead OF660 CF with demo video

NGD: Santa Cruz 1929 OO #2!

NGD: Santa Cruz 1929 OO - plus triple double O video shootout!

NGD: Martin 00-18VS UMGF plus SCGC OO shootout! UPDATE to add new soundclip

NGD: RainSong Shorty APLE (Al Petteway Limited Edition)

NGD: Santa Cruz Guitar Company OO 12-fret - aka, "The Stoner"

NGD: Martin 000-28VS

NGD: Martin 000-28EC 'beater'

NGD: Emerald X20 Artisan - Updated, second video added

NGD: Kronbauer TDK & SMB review/demo/compare - Second video and photos added!

NGD: Kronbauer SMB (second Kronbauer)

NGD: Kronbauer TDK

NGD: Second Martin 00-28VS!

NGD: First Martin - 000-28EC!

NGD: Artisan Fretted Instruments parlor by Ivon Schmukler with photos

Guitars I owned in this time that for one reason or another never got a NGD post/review: (Note - not in chronological order)

Martin D-18GE
Martin OM35 Custom
Bourgeois Custom Slope D all-hog
Huss & Dalton MJC
Huss & Dalton 00 Special
Breedlove Revival Series Skyline 000
Journey OF420


NAD: Jumped on the Evolve EV30M bandwagon - Updates with demo videos

Update: Wireless Mic system review - second set added

NAD: EAE D6-58 120W Battery Powered Acoustic Guitar And Vocal Amplifier (Bose S1 content!)

Clingon Pickup video review and demo

Bose S1 Pro - we have a winner! UPDATE - detailed video demo added

TWO Bose S1 Pros, dual speaker stand video demo & review - Post outdoor-gig update

Bose S1 Pro vs. QSC k8.2 A/B comparison - Update, video demo added

Bose S1 Pro, Boss VE-8, battery power = traveling light

Bose S1 and Boss VE-8: A match made in heaven?

Dual Bose S1 battery test concluded - Results in top post

NMD: Elite Acoustics StompMix X6 Six Channel Digital Mixer review & demo

NMD: Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina and K&K Double Helix Solo demo - Facebook Live demo!!

NSHPD: K&K Double Helix Solo review - long and detailed

NPD: Dimarizo Black Angel vs. Schertler AG6 with S-MIC-M

NWD (New Wireless Day): Boss WL20 with comparison to Xvive U2

NPAD: New Preamp Day - Headway EDM-1

NEPD: Neunaber Expanse 'Wet Reverb' and so much more

TC Electronic BodyRez vs. Boss AD-2 video review/comparison

NAD: Harbinger MuV MLS800 Line Array PA System with Bluetooth

NAD: Mugig with A/B shootout with Roland AC-33

NAD plus: Roland AC-33, Xvive U2 wireless, Guy's Grids video review and demo

TonewoodAmp review - Updated, post #2

NAD: Carvin AG200 in Country Western (brown)

NAAD: - New Amp Audition Day: Henriksen The Bud

Review: Roland Cube Street EX

Equipment review: SA220, Red-Eye pre-amp, TC Helicon harmony-G XT


Gear review: Cosco 300 lb capacity folding dolly/cart

NCD: G7th Heritage Capo review

NCD (new capo day): Colorado Capo's

NCD: Capo Review - Shubb Fine Tune F1

Guitar app (Android) review: Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs

Bose S1 Pro Backpack review and rig rundown - video

LuteHole sound hole cover review - Updated

NeckUp Guitar Support review - with video and photos

NHD - Vornado Evap3 humidifier review

NGBD (New Gig Bag Day) Gator Pro-Go Ultimate Guitar Classic (long, detailed)

Review: John Pearse armrest, Bob Colosi pins, 00-28VS porn

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You must be the king of new gear days! I hope to have another someday.
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Thanks Methos - just ordered a Tonewood amp and found your reviews both interesting and informative. do have quite a bit of reviews there - kudos!
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