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Default Methos1979's All-things Guitar Review thread

Hello AGF! Below are links to the various reviews I've done here on AGF over the years. I've laid them out in chronological order from newest to oldest in three categories: Guitars, Amplifiers/Effects (Not in chronological order, Bose S1 reviews moved to top), Other. Enjoy! (I apologize that some of the sound clips are no longer available after a reorganization of my SoundCloud account to gear it more toward our acoustic duo! Also, there may be some missing photos from older posts.)

Guitars - NGD posts!

NGD: RainSong Nashville Shorty N-OM1000NSX vs CH-OM1000NS - Shorty Shootout!

NGD: RainSong CH-OM1000NS

NGD: Froggy Bottom H12 Deluxe

NTGD: Escape Mark III by Traveler Guitar

NGD: Martin D-1 Custom 12 fret all hog slope dread - Demo video added

NGD: Cole Clark Fat Lady 2 - a dread for a non-dread guy

NGD: Cole Clark Little Lady 2 - Updated! Video shootout with Angel & X7!!

NGD: Cole Clark Angel 2 - updated, two weeks in, video added

NGD: Emerald X10 Nylon Custom Woody

NGD: Yamaha SLG200N 'Silent Guitar' (Nylon model)

NGD: Emerald X7 Custom Woody

NGD: Journey Overhead OF660B - with week-long, real-time travel

NGD: Emerald Custom Woody and the Christmas Miracle (warning - long!)

NGD: Martin 000-18GE Custom with photos and video review

NGD: Emerald X7 September Select series!

NGD: Journey Overhead OF660 CF with demo video

NGD: Santa Cruz 1929 OO #2!

NGD: Santa Cruz 1929 OO - plus triple double O video shootout!

NGD: Martin 00-18VS UMGF plus SCGC OO shootout! UPDATE to add new soundclip

NGD: RainSong Shorty APLE (Al Petteway Limited Edition)

NGD: Santa Cruz Guitar Company OO 12-fret - aka, "The Stoner"

NGD: Martin 000-28VS

NGD: Martin 000-28EC 'beater'

NGD: Emerald X20 Artisan - Updated, second video added

NGD: Kronbauer TDK & SMB review/demo/compare - Second video and photos added!

NGD: Kronbauer SMB (second Kronbauer)

NGD: Kronbauer TDK

NGD: Second Martin 00-28VS!

NGD: First Martin - 000-28EC!

NGD: Artisan Fretted Instruments parlor by Ivon Schmukler with photos

Guitars I owned in this time that for one reason or another never got a NGD post/review: (Note - not in chronological order)

Martin D-18GE

Martin OM35 Custom

Bourgeois Custom Slope D all-hog

Huss & Dalton MJC

Huss & Dalton 00 Special

Breedlove Revival Series Skyline 000

Journey OF420


Clingon Pickup video review and demo

Bose S1 Pro - we have a winner! UPDATE - detailed video demo added

TWO Bose S1 Pros, dual speaker stand video demo & review - Post outdoor-gig update

Bose S1 Pro vs. QSC k8.2 A/B comparison - Update, video demo added

Bose S1 Pro, Boss VE-8, battery power = traveling light

Bose S1 and Boss VE-8: A match made in heaven?

Dual Bose S1 battery test concluded - Results in top post

NMD: Elite Acoustics StompMix X6 Six Channel Digital Mixer review & demo

NMD: Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina and K&K Double Helix Solo demo - Facebook Live demo!!

NSHPD: K&K Double Helix Solo review - long and detailed

NPD: Dimarizo Black Angel vs. Schertler AG6 with S-MIC-M

NWD (New Wireless Day): Boss WL20 with comparison to Xvive U2

NPAD: New Preamp Day - Headway EDM-1

NEPD: Neunaber Expanse 'Wet Reverb' and so much more

TC Electronic BodyRez vs. Boss AD-2 video review/comparison

NAD: Harbinger MuV MLS800 Line Array PA System with Bluetooth

NAD: Mugig with A/B shootout with Roland AC-33

NAD plus: Roland AC-33, Xvive U2 wireless, Guy's Grids video review and demo

TonewoodAmp review - Updated, post #2

NAD: Carvin AG200 in Country Western (brown)

NAAD: - New Amp Audition Day: Henriksen The Bud

Review: Roland Cube Street EX

Equipment review: SA220, Red-Eye pre-amp, TC Helicon harmony-G XT


NCD: Capo Review - Shubb Fine Tune F1

Guitar app (Android) review: Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs

Bose S1 Pro Backpack review and rig rundown - video

LuteHole sound hole cover review - Updated

NeckUp Guitar Support review - with video and photos

NHD - Vornado Evap3 humidifier review

NGBD (New Gig Bag Day) Gator Pro-Go Ultimate Guitar Classic (long, detailed)

Review: John Pearse armrest, Bob Colosi pins, 00-28VS porn

Current stable:

Froggy Bottom H12 Deluxe (Adi/EIR)
Cole Clark Angel 2 (all blackwood)
RainSong Nashville OM Shorty

Methos1979: Every guitar-related review I've written on AGF!

NO1U Know Facebook Public Group Page

Join us on the AGF Open Mic Facebook Group

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You must be the king of new gear days! I hope to have another someday.
PRS _____ Fender
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Thanks Methos - just ordered a Tonewood amp and found your reviews both interesting and informative. do have quite a bit of reviews there - kudos!
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