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Default 6 sets D'addario EXP 17 mediums (the sought after discontinued line!)

Hi All,

Total shot in the dark, don't know if anyone here will even want to take me up on this, but here's the situation: As many of you know, D'addario has discontinued the EXP line and replaced it with two new lines (XT and XS). Many like the new lines. Some of us loved the old lines a little more. I was one of the latter.

So I cleared out my local stores of both EXP 16s (lights) and EXP 17s (meds) because I had both OMs and Dreads. Well it turns out my new main dread, the 1934D, sounds just as great with lights as it does with mediums (my other dreads, the TD-R and the D-Vintage sounded better with mediums). So I no longer have need of so many EXP 17s.

Ideally I'd love to swap one-for-one with anyone who has any sets of D'addario EXP16s (the now-discontinued, coated lights sets). We can just agree on the # of sets to swap and we'll each just pay shipping to the other. Or if no one has EXP16s, I'm willing to accept Martin Lifespan 2.0 lights (treated, .12-.54) or any light gauges of Newtone strings phosphor bronze for flat-top guitars (e.g. Heritage or MasterClass). These all cost around the $13-$14 a set range that the EXPs went for before they discontinued). Oh, I've tried and like the new D'addario XTs lights so I would put those on the list (though I still prefer the EXP).

Absent any of that, I'm also willing to sell them, not looking to make any profit, just trying to recoup my costs and buy more of the light gauge strings, so $12 a set and shipping (USPS first class with tracking I believe is around $5). If you want to buy them I'd prefer to sell all six sets at once so I don't have to ship 2 to one person, 3 to another, and 1 to a third.

If you want all six sets, I can do $65 with USPS first class and tracking (so discounted to $10 a set and shipping).
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Selling/trading: D'addario EXP17 sets

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