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Old 08-25-2011, 09:49 AM
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Default Nashville (high-strung) tuning with nylon-strings

It is usually only done with steel strings, but I think it would be possible with nylon as well. Has anyone here tried it?

In Nashville or high-strung tuning, the first two notes are standard tuning E and B. The remaining four strings are also the standard notes, but an octave higher.

Of course to do that, one cannot use a regular string set. For strings 3-6 one has to use much thinner strings than usual, and only the 6th string is wound.

Of course, it would not work for playing classical repertoire, with the 3rd string sounding higher than the 1st, etc. But for strumming chords, it could bring a different sound.

Has anyone here tried it with nylon strings? If so, what gauges?

(It might be nice to tune all six strings an octave higher, but I doubt they make any strings so thin as to be able to tune string one an octave higher, except for on a tiny "octave guitar". I think that is why only strings 3-6 are tuned an octave up)
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Old 08-25-2011, 12:28 PM
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I've not tried Nashville tuning with nylon strings but I have strung up a 12 string guitar with them so encountered the same problem with the octave strings (which are tuned the same as Nashville).

For Nashville the high E and B are no problem obviously and the low E, A and D are OK because you can use a normal D, B and E string tuned to octave E, A and D

The problem is what to do with the octave G.

Two methods:

(1) D'Addario (I think) make monofilament nylon strings in a wide range of diameters so if you can source them you could use a string a little thinner than a normal E (the normal E is around 0.028 so something like a 0.024 or 0.025 would be OK

(2) use a high tension E string for the high E (and if you are going to do the Nashville tuning I would recommend you use high tension strings for the E B D A E strings) and a low tension E string for the octave G.
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