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Old 03-11-2019, 09:42 PM
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Default 2017 Martin GP35E

I purchased a 2017 Martin GP35E last October from Musicians Friend on a SDOTD. I’ve only been playing and taking lessons since June 2018. I was asked at the time I originally posted my NGD to give an update about my thoughts on the guitar after I’ve owned it for a while.
I’m not highly qualified to review guitars because of my level of experience but I’ll share a few thoughts.
I was so excited to get this guitar. After playing for only four months and to have a high quality guitar like this I felt very fortunate and still do. I had the guitar set up as soon as I got it. The guitar immediately was a huge upgrade from my starter guitar and I continue to enjoy the way this guitar sounds. I’m not sure I know how to describe the difference but there is a big difference. It seems to have a more balanced sound with a lyrical quality and rings out when asked to. I was at GC tonight getting some picks and played some acoustics that were not locked up, so lower priced guitars and the difference was noted.
I’ve put 13-56 mediums DR Dragon Skins on the guitar a few weeks ago and this really seemed to open this baby up. I now understand what people are talking about when they say guitars open up. This is so motivating for me. I often spend my day waiting to get the time to go play and this opening up thing has put that desire on steroids so to speak. Next I have a set of uncoated mediums to try so I’m looking forward to that.
The guitar seems to sound fuller and somehow better almost daily. I’m playing a little better and that’s probably part of it but I think it’s more the guitar. This guitar seems like a pretty great all around guitar. I’m still just thrilled to own and play something so high quality. I realize that this GP style guitar isn’t the most popular model and maybe I’m missing something but I just love this git!
Martin GP 35E 2017
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Old 03-11-2019, 10:33 PM
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So happy for you. I had the sister to that one - GP28E (???) and it was a great guitar.

Enjoy the ride. Its more enjoyable with a great sounding guitar.
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Old 03-12-2019, 07:51 AM
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"Enjoy the ride. Its more enjoyable with a great sounding guitar."

Best quote ever!!
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Old 03-12-2019, 10:56 AM
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I am blessed to have a small collection of "cheap" guitars that sound pretty decent, but I would LOVE to be able to one day acquire a higher end Martin. Glad you able to enjoy that one!
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Old 03-13-2019, 08:36 AM
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I remember that deal and the NGD you posted about it. Glad you're enjoying that Martin more and more each day.
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