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Originally Posted by Knives&Guitars View Post
Quite possibly, the wisest and truest words spoken yet.
Doug has also said something similar to this on many posts.
And one of my good friends who is a pro recording engineer... has said to me when I have asked him of the science of recording, " I don't know about those things...I use only my ears "
In the end, I know you are absolutely right. We must all trust our gut before anything else. The knowledge of science we know right now...will more than double is less than 5 years. So what is true today, may not be true tomorrow.
In reality, I will probably always be hindered in some ways by my quest for truth. It is something that is part of my DNA.
Knowledge is a good thing, I'd never turn it down. But there's a matter of the right level of focus for the task. For example, take my driving a car example. Maybe you're a car mechanic or designer who knows all about how the engine works. Maybe you're a chemist who understands the rubber compounds used for the tires. Or maybe you're a materials scientist who knows about the strength of the metal used for the frame. That's all great, and it might inform what car you buy. But if you're thinking about that stuff while you're driving, you're going to miss your freeway exit!
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Knowledge and science can never be bad in itself. People may misuse knowledge, though Usually happens when the knowledge is insufficient.

I remember when I started studying jazz. Up until conservatory I had mostly played by ear without knowing much about the theoretic aspects.
By the end of the first year I sounded like crap, and I didn't understand why. It dawned on me that my newly acquired theoretic knowledge boxed my playing into knowledge. My ears had been completely free from that, and they are obviously far more musically complex than my theoretic knowledge.
In the end, this (and more) knowledge obviously makes me better. I just have to be aware of how and when to use it.

Knowing what makes cables sound different on electric guitars is sooo much more rewarding than thinking it's magic, and that it costs money. Guitarists should all know about capacitance

I'm also an audio engineer by profession. Theoretic knowledge is essential, methinks. Just don't let it win a discussion with your ears!
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Default Like the gigger said.....


Like the gigger was once ASKED:

Q: Do you read music?

A: Not enough to hurt me.


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Above polar pattern of a pair of cardiod mikes of mine.

As Doug pointed out and as pictures show directional mikes (except for shotgun mikes) at typical 90 degrees cover much the
same soundwave territory coming off the guitar. However timing and frequency volume differences at the mikes are smaller
than with non-coincident mikes and thus a more focused but smaller soundstage. IMO XY probably works better on nylon
versus steel string guitars (less high frequency hash).

At any single point in space soundwaves coming off of a guitar are out of phase with themselves thus IMO the thinness and
unnatural sound of a single miked solo guitar recording. Also IMO the extra timing and phase incoherence of non coincident
mikes actually works better for the brain's ability to interpolate.
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Originally Posted by rick-slo View Post
..the extra timing and phase incoherence of non coincident mikes actually works better for the brain's ability to interpolate.
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