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Old 02-23-2018, 12:11 PM
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Default ToneDexter - Loud, with Full Band

I'm considering a ToneDexter. The previous thread on it is closed.

While I've heard plenty of demos with instruments by themselves.....I've not heard/seen demos of an instrument using it in a full band, where it has to cut through to take a lead break.

I'm a violin player looking (like all acoustic musicians) for the cleanest natural sound. However..... I play with drums, electric guitars, electric keyboards and at times I need to cut through the mix, and at times just blend in.

I use a Hendriksen amp, and I control my own volume with a foot pedal, because this way I'm not at the mercy of a sound guy for my lead breaks to be heard. I use an LR Baggs violin bridge pickup. If I pump up the volume, will I be disappointed or will I hear the same clean sound I hear in the solo demo videos and sound clips?

Any TD users out there want to provide their honest experience?

Please - comment only if you have/had a ToneDexter, and used in a band in live settings - Thanks

CornFuzed in Columbus
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Old 02-23-2018, 02:07 PM
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I have a TD I use it in our band. We get pretty
loud although we have no electric guitars.
So maybe not as loud as your band.
There is a thread here my guitar only louder.

Kinda sums up what i am about to say.
It's an unobtainable goal to expect a clean
natural sound from an acoustic in a loud
band situation. It's better to thin it out
a bit so it cuts through the mix.
Google" Fletcher munson curve. "
Which says basically as the volume goes up
so does your"perceived" bass and treble attenuation.
To make it stand out it can't occupy the
same sonic space as electric guitars bass and drums.
so it needs a bit of thinning. This is why
you can set up your pa at home and tweak it until
your guitar sounds so good it makes you cry. only
to use the exact settings at a loud gig and it makes
you cry for a different
That being said the tonedexter can accomplish more for you
at these louder settings than your pickup alone can.
just a little more processed. It really is pretty good.
i saw one used on ebay yesterday not sure if it's still there. they go pretty fast.

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Old 02-23-2018, 02:35 PM
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It should be fine. You can always blend in more pickup or even run it in bypass mode if the band gets really loud!
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