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Old 07-18-2017, 08:46 PM
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Originally Posted by adaw2821 View Post
So a while back I started a thread about the problems I was having using my guitar plugged in at church even though I love the sound plugged in at home or solo. The thread is hear: and I think the term I was maybe hunting for is clearity.

Well I called 2 different guitar centers and the first thing they both told me is I need a DI box. Pointed me towards a LR baggs or fishman.

My question is, if I need a DI box, is there a cheaper, simpler option to get the job done? I have an EQ pedal so, to me, I don't need that in a DI box.

I'm wanting to run my Yamaha A3R with built-in modeling and preamp, through a couple of effects, delay reverb, EQ, into a mixer.

I guess I'm looking for sound quality not a lot of features. If I can get that with something else great. If not I'll have to start saving
I have an A5R and an AC3R and have found that they sound not as good through some PA systems. You shouldn't need a DI box, unless your church's sound system is set up with you running a 1/4" into a monitor feed, which I've seen done and done. Otherwise, I'd suspect the mixer has too much going on with your channel. Have the sound guy (or do it yourself) Set your guitar mix totally flat. All eq dials at 12 o'clock. Also, if there is a bass-cut, engage that as palm muting will wreck the pa. Anyway, play around with that high Dollar eq. There are tons of options. On my AC3R, I had to boost the mids and bass, and roll off the highs. I run a 40:60 mix of piezo to modeling on both and find that time work well.

My hunch is that going with mic 2, eq dials at 12 (bass), 1 (mids), and 11 (highs), resonance at 12, focus/wide on wide, your sound will improve (assuming a flat mix on the mixer). My experience is that many seasoned sound guys think an acoustic guitar has to have scooped mids and have a sound in mind and make it impossible to make your excellent guitar sound good.

If you do get a DI, the LR Baggs Paracoustic is excellent. I used one to get a good tone from my LL16M when I otherwise couldn't.
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Old 07-21-2017, 04:11 AM
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It seems you have a pretty sophisticated onboard preamp on your guitar and I would really try to learn it first (without your Boss Eq pedal) as each knob/button, etc...can have a profound effect on your sound.

Hook up directly to the house pa (assuming you're close enough---if you can't reach it with a 25ft cable then you'll need at least a passive DI box) and make sure all eq dials on the house pa for your guitar channel are set to flat.

Start with your onboard guitar preamp eq dials at 12:00, anti-feedback and resonance off too (basically have everything flat---starting at neutral). Anti-feedback and resonance can be tone killers if you don't use them correctly. Figure out your piezo/mic blend setting (usually more piezo will allow you to cut thru the mix better). Also figure out the wide/focus setting. Then you can try adjusting your eq (I usually lower my bass when playing in a group) as well as YamahaGuy's suggestions.

This should work. Then you could try adding a little reverb, chorus, sweeten your sound! Good luck!
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