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Old 12-05-2005, 01:16 PM
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Wierdone, I am surprised that you find a certain lack of basses in the Opus X-30, mine
has great basses, in my opinion. But it is still very balanced, while I find the Martin Dreadnoughts a bit unbalnaced because basses are stronger than trebles , therefore I do not see them as the ideal guitars for fingerstyle.
By the way, how is the amplified sound of your Emerald with the B-Band system ?
I am curious because my Opus X-30 has the old LB-6 Baggs pickup.

Thanks, gerardo1000
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Old 12-05-2005, 02:02 PM
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I'm not sure why the guitar doesn't have much bass.... the day i got it, the g string broke.... so i replaced the strings with 13-56's.... my normal set... maybe this has something to do with it...

I'll try some different strings...

About the pre amp... I just got back from my local music shop... (the owner wanted to play the emerald... he was interested in carrying the emerald line....).... well.... the preamp doesn't work (thru no fault of Emerald Guitars).... we replaced the batteries twice... He tried to adjust the neck relief with the truss rod... but couldn't...... while i was there I played a used Collings Parlor guitar.... Gerardo... honestly.... the Collings had such a huge sound compared to the Emerald.... (of course it was twice the price of the Emerald..BUT... it was HALF the size...)

I really want to like this guitar... and there are features i LOVE about it... Like the fretboard... and the crystal clear notes.... BUT... I'm not in love with the guitar... and for what i paid for the Emerald... I need to LOVE the instrument... not WANT to like it....

I think i'm going to return it..... I'm probably going to fork over the extra cash for a rainsong ws-1000....

I emailed Woody the pictures... so they'll be up soon for all to see... Like i said... it's a beautiful guitar... and it sounds great.... it's just not for me...

I hope that the info that I've posted will help people with their decision to purchase an Emerald.... I've tried to be as objective as possible...
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