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Old 12-02-2016, 07:09 AM
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Default "E" tuning strings for "mini" guitars.

I've had one of the Cordoba SM-CE Mini instruments for a couple of months now. Nice little guitar. The scale is generous enough so that it pretty much feels like a "guitar" rather than a 6-string Uke.

These come tuned A to A, a fourth higher than standard. Cordoba's string supplier, Aquila, has made available a set of heavier strings that allow you to tune these to standard tuning, and I decided to give 'em a try.

They are a bit odd. The basses come with ball-ends applied (these instruments use a pin bridge) and the trebles do not, but they give you a little package with three ball-ends and directions as to how to tie them on.

OK.... Installation went fine until I got to the high E string. They recommended tying a double overhand knot in the string, due to the smaller diameter.
I did that, and then started winding.....And winding and winding... VERY stretchy. Finally, the needle on my Snark was approaching the mark and "Pop!".. String broke at the ball-end.

I suspect the knot just could not stand the pressure.

Fortunately, I'd saved the original set and my micrometer caliper showed that the "B" string was almost the same diameter as the new set's "E" string.
So, I stuck that in and it appears to work fine.

I'm still undecided. I had gotten rather used to the bright "A" tuning of the original strings. The standard tuning doesnt' sound bad.... But it is a bit muted. Also, running the instrument through my amp with the new set is a little tricky... The "A" set sounded great but the "E" set is very picky as to finger placement and can be a bit "quacky".

I'll give 'em a couple of weeks. I think Aquila should provide an extra high E, and also factory-install the ball ends on this set.
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