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Old 08-16-2019, 05:07 PM
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Default What is this guitar? Kinda like an Ibanez FG-100?

Hi -

I'm hoping you can help me solve a puzzle. The guitar I've owned and played for 20 years looks like an Ibanez FG-100. But it has no markings I can see inside the body or on the headstock.

However, lots of things are different about it. The headstock looks different, and the base of the neck has some extra detailing (see the point). The pickups have been changed (I knew that), and the knobs are different. The bridge is also a bigsby style which has clearly been added later. Also, the peg is in a different place to the photos of the FG-100 below and the guitar looks a little thicker overall.

Has the neck been changed? I can't see why it would have been, and it doesn't look like it as all the lacquer matches. There is a sticker for 'Andy's Guitar Workshop' from Denmark st london on the back of it. (I've actually been there many years ago).

Any ideas if this is an FG-100 or something else?

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Old 08-16-2019, 05:59 PM
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Something else - without a thorough hands-on examination I'll simply call it a generic low-end '70s "Lawsuit Era" Japanese L-5CES knockoff, sold under a variety of names depending on the market; headstock looks similar to some early Yamaha archtops but wider at the top, general workmanship doesn't appear to be on quite the same level as the period Yamaha or Ibanez instruments, and both the original tuner hole placement in the headstock and the truss rod cover suggest a downmarket instrument with cheaper OEM hardware. Although there's no price tag on sentimental value, if it were mine I'd simply keep it as a fond memory - many of these instruments were idiosyncratic at best when it came to their construction, and rebuilding/restoration can become prohibitive price-wise...

Welcome to the Forum - hope this helps...
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