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Old 09-07-2019, 11:37 AM
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You're in Eugene? Nice! I'm up in Corvallis...

My favorite local store here is Bullfrog Music; the owner, Kurt Dietrich, has been in the retail music business here since the early 90's, and has a great little store.

He is a Breedlove Dealer of Distinction! Which is Breedlove's way of saying he sells a LOT of Breedlove guitars, and he gets great deals from them. Prior to moving here, I knew about Breedlove but had really never played any of their guitars...

I've been in town for 7 years now, and I've played a bunch of Breedloves! Both the entry level Discovery Series and the Oregon Series are some of my favorites.

Kurt also is the BEST set-up/repair tech I've found in the area. For either electric or acoustic guitars, he knows his stuff, and his pricing is VERY reasonable. The folks I used when I lived in the SF Bay Area would charge at least 30%-50% more than Kurt does... If you have any questions about Breedloves or need any work done, it would be well worth the phone call/trip to Bullfrog and/or speak with Kurt about it.

Another thing I would mention is that, should you buy a new guitar from Kurt, he will do set-ups, adjustments and string changes FOR FREE, AS LONG AS YOU OWN THE GUITAR!!! I have never heard of a store doing this; most places will charge you for a set-up even if you are purchasing a guitar from them and it needs it (like the one you are considering at GC). Apparently, this has always been Kurt's policy since he began with his first store in Corvallis... and I've been in his shop when someone has brought in a guitar that they bought from him 25 years ago... and he does the work on it for free!

Truth is, even if you take great care of your guitar, it's going to need a set-up every couple years; like having to buy brake pads for your car... and most places will charge ~$60 + or - for a set-up... Kurt offering this is akin to giving you hundreds of dollars over the course of a guitar's lifetime... of course, if he wasn't any good as a tech, the offer would be worthless, but, in fact, he is VERY good; I trust him with my hand-built acoustics....

Let me know if you're coming to town and we can meet at the store or have a coffee or something, if you'd like.

Good luck with that guitar!
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