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Old 04-30-2019, 07:21 AM
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I live fairly close to the New Hartford factory, but I was not back into guitars during the period they were there, and never took a tour or went to the open houses. People who did tell me that the factory really was operating near capacity and was not all that suited to a push to take more market share.

Of course, moving all the way to California meant they needed to start from scratch, and who knows how many more guitars they will end up selling anyway.

I can understand people knocking Fender for killing off Tacoma guitars and for not promoting Guild more. But you can't knock the guitars. I like the New Hartford built ones in particular.

In New Hartford they did a few things that to me are worth noting. They developed the Orpheum series, which are considered by lots of Guild fans to be among the best models they ever made. And they built the "Standard" series, which are top notch guitars but very plain in appointments. That makes them the sweet spot, IMO. Excellent materials and craftmanship, little money on bling. (The did have bone nut, saddle and pins):
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Old 04-30-2019, 10:05 PM
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The funny thing is, people who don't really know Guilds assume that if they got moved around a lot then the quality must have been all over the place too, but it wasn't. They never really had a bad era. If I were to buy another Guild, I really don't pay attention to the place it was made, just " How does it sound and what condition is it in ? "
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Old 04-30-2019, 10:12 PM
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Love the GAD series. Check one out if you can.
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Old 04-30-2019, 11:56 PM
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Originally Posted by 6stringedRamble View Post
You must have some great friends to gift you a top tier guitar. How would you say the m240e measures up in comparison to the m20?

I'm considering the D40, though I had been saving that money for a professional grade old time open back banjo. It seems like anywhere in the music world, whether it's banjos or guitars or violins, people in these forums have the basic out look that anything less than $2000 instrument is little more than toy.

Lol! Yes, wonderful parents and spouse who gave it to me as a Xmas and birthday present combined. The m240 has the arched back, solid spruce top and laminate sides (and back, obviously). Brighter sound than the m20, which is solid mahogany.

The m240e felt lighter than the m20 (makes sense, laminate vs solid wood).

I added the lr baggs lyric to the m20, I prefer to pick out my own electronics for an acoustic. However, I did enjoy the DíArmond boss in the 240e. Fun sound, kinda gave it a twang/old school sound.

Personally, Iím not of the view that a wooden instrument under a certain amount is a toy. A guitar by a reputable guitar maker is a reputable instrument. Iím better off spending any extra money on lessons! (Which is why I got the m240e as it was in my budget and I liked the sound and feel. Then I had extra to pay for lessons.)

Guild is a workhorse brand. Not a ton of bling, but are solid guitars, Whether made in China or the U.S. Most folks are familiar with Martin, Gibson, and Taylor. So, they sell for more $$ on the used market as a result. Just my thoughts.
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