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Old 08-01-2020, 01:03 PM
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Default Mental Health Support Thread

Many of us suffered mental illnesses at one point or more in our lives. Let's support those here who needs it.

My family likes to call me a cat. I've gone through a lot of surgical operations in my life and my body is riddled with scars. I've dodged death many times.

I've suffered a torn abdomen, torn aorta, fractured left elbow, fractured left knee, fractured left hand, fractured left and right wrists, fractured head, brain tumor, traumatic brain injury, frontal brain hemorrhage, bilateral collapsed lungs and fractured jaw.

I have metal hardware on the left knee, left hand, left wrist and left elbow. I have a patch holding my aorta in place and partial front dentures.

Most of the damage was done from my I suffering of mental illnesses. Major depression, reoccurring with suicide attempts. I've jumped out of a 40 feet building, landing head first on concrete. I've overdosed on my own prescription medication. I've been talked out of the top ramp of the Mall of America parking lot by police.

Despite all the suffering, I thank God, my family and close friends for all the support throughout my life. I could not have asked God for a better family and friends.
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I believe that support and empathy for those with mental health issues have faltered because they can't be more objectively identified as is the case with pure medical issues. The other side of some mental health issues is that the resultant observable behaviors are often off-putting to John Q. Public. I say this as someone with prior experience that as a result, mental health issues are either invisible, off-putting or both. This is tragic because mental health issues cause pain and death to those who suffer from them and much collateral damage to those around them. Just because you can't measure and observe mental health issues doesn't mean they don't exist...
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