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Old 10-27-2009, 11:38 PM
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For me, I knew the guitar part well. I knew the vocal part well. But I could not for the life of me manage to control my fingers and my voice at the same time. Lately, I've made a lot of improvement in that playing RockBand.

The Beatles version comes with a microphone stand because they intend for players to sing (just like the real Beatles!). The other reason I suggest the Beatles version is that the songs tend to be more melodic than ones in standard RockBand, but I might be prejudiced. After a few days of playing the game, I tried playing the guitar and life seemed so much easier.
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Old 10-28-2009, 12:38 AM
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Internalising the music and getting everything into muscle memory is good advice. I can play and sing a number of tunes but I also have some that continue to frustrate me. I've learned to play fingerstyle James Taylor's Fire and Rain, can sing the lyrics but when I try to combine them, it all falls apart. This makes me suspect that I don't have it as right as I think. Next step is to take a digital recording of the song, slow it down and play along so I can get the coordination right.
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Old 10-29-2009, 07:57 PM
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After I kind of learned to play I wanted to sing and play. I tried many times, months apart and was about to give up. It's not as easy as it looks! I memorized the melody and the lyrics. Next I hummed along while playing melody. Got a metronome, no help! Then I tried singing but couldn't do both at the same time. I was ready to give up but then I tried to sing a few words and get the chords right. I couldn't even get the first word to fit. Later I found several things that no one told me.

First. Find a simple song that you know and like, that can live in your head with no help.

Second. You need to find out what key is easiest for your voice. Then you need the single note that gets you on key, you keep plucking that note to get your voice starting in the right key. That's what's called the starting pitch. Some lyrics and music show starting pitch. Very important because if you aren't on key you don't have a chance. See if you can find your simple song in your key that has the starting pitch shown.

Third. You need to know exactly where the first chord is in relation to the words. Sometimes it's part way through the first word or on the begininng of a middle sylable, or it maybe the second or third word, or between them.

Fourth. Forget about trying to get through more than a few words but try to get a feeling of you singing the words in key along with the chord. When that happens you'll have what I call, "putting it together". Keep advancing a word and chord or two at a time. Remember that your singing is now providing the melody. If it doesn't you need to go back and try humming or whistling. You'll know when the chords and words fit. I now prefer finger style as flat picking drowns out my voice. And it never ceases to amaze me how the words in well written properly chorded song come on the individually plucked notes of chord.

Fifth. Forget about the metronome, it'll be just be one more thing to add to the chaos and confusion. What I did was find my song on a recording, youtube is good. Find out how many minutes and seconds it lasts and that's how long yours should last. Play and sing along with it. Then get a watch and see if you can come close to the same elapse time. At first I found I was trying to be too fast or I speeded up. But if you sing or hum along with youtube the timing will come without the need for a metronome.

Sixth. Many songs that are published don't starting pitch or have the key shown, and have the chords in the wrong place. Usually the first chord is the key. Experienced singers don't seem to mind as they automatically know what is right. But us poor beginners don't have chance.

Don't give up as it's one the greatest feelings to get song put together, not as good as sex or a cold beer on a hot day but it's up there.
I'm 68 and took playing lessons for a little over two years but couldn't find a singing teacher. I never sang in school or church, just kind of pretended to mouth the words. So it was avery challenging.

If you have a simple, older song that you like I might have it in your key with the chords in the right place along with startting pitch.
Let me know.
Hope this helps.
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Old 11-02-2009, 12:47 AM
dblacketer dblacketer is offline
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Thanks for all the tips guys, really helpful, its most appreciated.
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