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Old 12-23-2020, 06:56 PM
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Default Silent Night (Guitar and Piano basic home recording/cobbled together set up)

So this is an extended version of a short track I made on my phone. I've been challenging myself by trying some simply fingerstyle arrangements. The base for this one is a Pete Huttlinger tab which is just lovely. Simply and classy. I've done my best but can't pretend to have captured it fully.

I used my SC-13E plugged into a Yamaha THR30IIA amplifier, plugged straight into my sound recorder, a BR800. I have ableton and another DAW or two and some day I'll even learn how to use them...but I find the BR800 does a pretty tidy job for what I am going for, and I'm used to it soooo...

The Piano is a Yamaha upright 'M' series. Unfortunately the room it is in has a lot of stuff in it so it is a tough prospect to record. I use a matched pair of small diaphragm condensers into a mixer and back out into the recorder and one large diaphragm condenser straight into the BR800. I put the large diaphragm mic roughly 5 feet back from the piano, the matched pair go one each side, fanned out. Seems to give me a decent feed to the recorder with no clipping issues, but I get a lot of ambient.

I mixed/mastered on the BR800 using its inbuilt mastering feature. It spits out a .wav file which I converted to Mp4 using a free converter and uploaded to Soundcloud. It's a basic mix with no fx/post-production work done on it. The mix sounds best to me via a decent speaker, which is what I used to finalise it. It's, frankly, not great over "standard" computer speakers or phones etc (bit thin). If anyone could give me a couple of clues on how to clean up the piano track, if that's possible, I'd be very grateful.

Ok thanks for reading and listening. I really appreciate your time taken especially to give the track a listen. I very much welcome and enjoy all comments and feedback positive or negative.


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Old 12-26-2020, 10:20 PM
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I really like it, Coler. You get a neat tone with that rig, very distinctive. Well done!
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