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Old 01-25-2022, 05:21 PM
rdamato rdamato is offline
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Default Multi Effects Pedal for use with Acoustasonic

I recently purchased the Strat version and really like it. It sounds very good throgh my Fishman amp the DI into FOH. I'm not interested in tweaking the guita's tone, just utilizing effects. I have an AX8 mounted on a large pedalboard that I would prefer not to schlepp around.

Any suggestions for a quality, portable Multi Effects unit for acoustic?

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Old 01-25-2022, 05:35 PM
fwphoto fwphoto is offline
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Default ToneDEQ

Lifted from my reply to a previous post:

>>> Currently, I use my Ultra Tonic modified K&K OM-21 into a Polytune3 tuner/mute pedal & then into a Fishman ToneDEQ multi-effects/DI box. Those two floor boxes give me:

- Tuner/Mute
- Pre-Amp
- Compressor
- Basic EQ with 3 Low Cut settings
- 2 Reverb Settings with Rate & Level control
- 2 Chorus Settings with Time & Level control
- 2 Delay Settings with Time & Level control
- Tremelo with Rate & Level control
- Flanger with Rate & Level control
- Adjustable Boost
- DI out to House
- Amp out (I use my amp as monitor)
- Battery Option on both (I use OneSpot AC adapt. to power both boxes)

The only possible issue: Can't use the Reverb & Delay at the same time & can't use the Chorus, Tremelo or Flanger at the same time. Not a problem for me as I normally use Reverb +/- Chorus & rarely (if ever) the Tremolo. I've never even used the Delay or Flanger.

I don't need anything else. <<<

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Old 01-25-2022, 08:12 PM
aaronmarkson aaronmarkson is offline
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HX Stomp is pretty great for this
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Old 01-26-2022, 03:15 PM
Rudy4 Rudy4 is offline
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I have a Zoom G1on that I use occasionally.

Small, lots of effects, and a good stereo headphone output. It works well for acoustic guitar but you do have to modify the patches or create your own because so many of the effects are meant for electric guitar players and might not be enjoyed by your average acoustic player. Wild stereo ping-ponging of a heavily chorused and distorted signal with slap back delay just ain't my thing.

I bought it primarily for good stereo reverbs and it's looper functionality. Works great with a set of AA batteries, so I can play while sitting on the couch without needing a wall wart.

It was $55 new, but the newer models are slightly higher.
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Old 01-26-2022, 03:29 PM
MrErikJ MrErikJ is offline
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Y'know, I think the Zoom AC2 and AC3 are really underappreciated units. They have really good preamp and DI features and the effects are really good. I've purchased some single unit pedals to experiment with and I like some of the delays, choruses, and reverbs on the Zoom better.
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Old 01-26-2022, 04:58 PM
mjh42 mjh42 is offline
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Started with a Zoom G1XFour.....lot of options....if you like fiddling with patches and connecting to a computer you might like it. Great price point

Then I went with a ZOOM AC 3. I did like it alot but the unit colored the tone more than I wanted. Didn't need all the guitar style modulations. Gave it to a friend who is using it mostly for the EQ and the boost.

Next a Fishman ToneDEQ. Better clean tone to my amp. I paired it with a tuner. As a stand alone unit very nice overall. I found I was using other pedals for effects and not the built in affects so I stopped using it. Might sell/trade or keep as a back up.

Currently using Fishman Platinum Pro with other effect pedals on a board. Good clean tone, like the EQ, a keeper. I'd replace it if it stopped working.
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Old 01-27-2022, 01:42 AM
BastianS BastianS is offline
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I have a Line6 HX Effects unit that I use with my guitars for looping etc. Quality Helix sounds and easy accessibility. Highly recommended!
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