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The Redeye Twin has most of what you want-A/B switch, DI, boost, loop. It has no EQ, just treble on each channel. It is very compact though, so you could add an EQ pedal to the loop and still have a small footprint.
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Originally Posted by 1948Gibson View Post
I'll check those out. Any love for a tube pre?
Hi 1948G...

While I love their warmth in studio, they are fragile. Knowing how we pack around gear, I'd have to build a protective housing for it. Cheap tube preamps are least the 4 or 5 I've had hands on with are.

I've not found enough compelling difference in direct sound through my tube preamps (and I tried them) and my small stand alone preamps to even consider them for live play.

Tubes tend to reinforce warmth, and my K&K setup is already there.


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I don't use a stand-alone tube preamp, although I tried a few when I was first trying to figure out how to get a sound I liked on stage. My acoustic combo amp (a Genz benz Pro LT) has one, and I like the sound of it very much, but unless the amp is actually what I'm using for sound reinforcement, it's a lot to drag to a gig for what's in the end a pretty subtle effect. And it's an effect that I don't even like on my nylon string (too warm and fuzzy), so I when I use the amp I have to either turn the tube down or create a separate signal chain for that guitar. The stand alone units I tried offered a similar sound, but though they were smaller, they still required complications in terms of set-up (cables and gain setting) that just didn't feel justified given the subtlety of the difference they made. And as Larry notes, they're comparatively fragile. Also, the really good ones are expensive. I suppose it's all about the trade-off between fragility and complications, on the one hand, and the subtle warmth on the other. For me the deciding factor was how little difference the subtlety made in the context of an actual live gig. I enjoy the sound on my voice and on my steel string guitar when I use the amp, but mostly I just use my solid state preamp. To my ears, at this point in my experience, getting the gain structure and EQ right for the pickup, style of play, speakers and room are all more important that what you get with a tube in your signal chain.

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