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Old 12-21-2017, 12:14 PM
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I recently sold my Gibson Historic ES330, because I had a hard time getting a good bridge pickup tone, and the neck was just slightly too big for me. I bought a Gretsch 6118T SGR players edition Double Anniversary, and I play all of the music that you mentioned. I find the Gretsch to be extremely versatile, and the player' edition features really make it a great gigger. Those features are...

Pinless Bigsby: this makes stringing the guitar much easier.

Pinned rocking Bar Bridge: I've owned more than my share of Gretsch guitars and I feel the bar bridge is the one that works best with a Bigsby, and I personally like the tone of that style bridge compared to the space control and ABR bridges I've had on other Gretsch guitars. I've used Tru-Arc bar bridges on all of my other Gretsch guitars, but this bridge on the SGR sounds great and doesn't need replacing

Schaller locking tuners and TUSC nut: really helps tuning stability!

ML bracing: when it's time to play loud, this bracing, along with the slightly thinner body, keeps the feedback in check without losing a nice acoustic tone.

Master tone (no load), treble bleed circuit, and PIO caps: more versatile tone circuit that the typical 3 way mud switch. I always hated the mud switch on all of my Gretsch guitars.

US Made Alnico High Sensitive Filter'tron pickup: these pickups sound great, no aftermarket modding needed.

Some traditionalists may scoff at the thinner body or the tone circuit, but I love these changes. I've even been bringing this guitar to some of my acoustic gigs plugging it straight into my acoustic pedal board (GRACE ALiX preamp, Keeley Delay Workstation), and it sounds great. But when I plug this guitar into my vintage outboard 6G15 Fender Reverb tank and my TOPHAT Club Deluxe amp, and crank it, the smile on my face is ear to ear.

I also have a DUOJET which I use for more of the rocking stuff (I have since replaced the bridge on this guitar with a TRU-ARC titanium bridge)...

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