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Old 02-20-2017, 08:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Toby Walker View Post
But what if your mom just died and your dog is drunk?
Incorporate THAT into a song!!!

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Originally Posted by lowrider View Post
So I guess it's like back in the 70's if he breaks a string; stop the show, restring, tune, ok here we go again!
Hey I've seen that band...

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Originally Posted by JoeCharter View Post
I'd never heard such a blunt version before but the sentiment is definitely out there, mostly among not so talented professional musicians. The truly talented guys and top players are usually very generous and have better things to worry about than stroking their ego by dissing other people.

It's not because you get paid to play live that you're any good -- and it's not because you're a casual guy playing at home that you suck.
This is a really good pint. I worked as a professional (union, paid) sideman in a trio for about two years that played supper clubs, Holiday Inns, and resorts. It wasn't that I was such a stellar guitar player, but instead that I could read charts and do my job. One thing that I always enjoyed was meeting many really good players who had day jobs and often did not play out at all. They played because they loved music and learning/improving on the guitar. Many of these folks were more accomplished than I was.

To me, copping an attitude does little more than set the person up for a real embarrassment when that person runs into one of those folks who doesn't play out by choice, but could play circles around the guy in the band with the attitude. To me, this isn't a contest, but some people seem to want it to be for whatever reason.

I much prefer people who just really enjoy playing, whether for a living or not. Tommy Emmanuel seems like that type of player. If he can be that way at his level, there is absolutely no call whatsoever for those not at his level (the rest of us...) to act superior.

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Know a guy that saw and had a meet/greet with Steve Vai a while back. He said you couldn't shut him up. He wanted to talk about everything. Just the opposite.
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The guy probably has had a lot of similar conversations and it can be a test of patience to deal with that. He might be better at it most of the time, but when something is ongoing in your life, sooner or later you're going to handle it in a below average way.

I understand being miffed about it but it is good to remember that the performing mindset can be challenging and changeable and there are a lot of broken people that are called to the stage because they don't function that well in normal life.
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Originally Posted by Steve DeRosa View Post
I think there's a song in there, Toby...

Reminds me of the last verse of the "perfect county song" written by Steve Goodman.
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That is terrible! Do not let anyone try and tell you who you are. If you are a musician, you are the only person you have to convince. I met a "professional" musician, guitarist. Top touring band. Been around awhile. Walked up to him, politely, as he was by himself outside a venue where another big act was playing. I walked up, smiled, and said, "Hi, Are you John Doe (obv not real name, leaving out his real name) and reached out my hand to shake his. He looked at me, looked at my hand, and WALKED THE FQ AWAY. Did not say a word. The people standing close enough to see and hear it all were horrified. They were also big fans and really could not believe what a punk move he pulled. I was a big fan for years and years, every record and all that. No mas. Can't do it. Love the songs, the songwriting, can not get over the attitude. Too many nice artists out there to waste time on people who are jerks to their fans. Incredible - wish him the best though! My life obviously rocks a lot more than his. Who knew!? ;-)

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Steve Earle has 180+ guitars. Lots and lots of old Martins. I think he's a pro. The bozo was just jealous. A $1500 guitar? Sure that could be a fine instrument but there are a lot of good strummers that are farther up the food chain.
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I'm guessing you didn't ask him for a business card – that you could share for future reference? ;-) but hey, he did get in the last word
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Originally Posted by pdidmh1 View Post
I wouldn't classify a 1500 dollar guitar as expensive. Not really. Now if it was 15000 dollars that would be different.
This ........ and would have to add who was it that pooped in your saddlebag pal ?
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I've been insulted by professional and amateur musicians of all skill levels. No big deal...
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Originally Posted by Bob Womack View Post
At their peak during Joe Walsh's tenure around 1970, the James Gang decided to go into a little Cleveland studio and record with Little Richard. Joe has included that track on his latest album. Before they start, Richard says, "The Great James Gang. Boys, don't forget where you got your start at, fellas. 'Cause the same people you meet on the way up, you'll meet 'em on the way down." They all laughed, but Joe put the recording of Richard's little speech on his album, Analog Man, forty-two years later.


One of my favorites from Little Feat.
Maybe where Richard got the line.

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I can bet it had nothing to do with guitars . This guy obviously has a dreadful life , and you happened to be in the line of fire at the moment. Reminds me of a neighbor who went spazmaximus few years ago about a tree I trimmed on my property . , later found out , had nothing to do with the tree But ALOT to do with his PERSONAL LIFE .
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$1500 is not an expensive instrument these days. Freaking amateur. I got the sound I wanted from a $300 instrument for several years and my "real" and "expensive" guitars stayed home. Got tons of compliments on the sound too.

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Now that I've given it some thought, maybe I should have complimented him on his lyric book, music stands, stools, and cargo shorts instead of his tone.

(All kidding and complaining aside, the band really did sound great).
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