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I believe this supports what Doug recommended above.

I threw together three tracks of a simple Freight Train riff that should demonstrate what you can do with a Tonedexter without any post processing in a DAW. I recorded all three files directly into a Zoom H5. The guitar is my Skye 00 12 fret. It is equipped with a K&K Pure Mini passive pickup.

The first two recordings are "raw" in that there is no post compression, no limiters, no EQ, no reverb, and no filters. Also, the H5 I/O options are all turned off.

The third recording was uploaded into Reaper and had a small amount of compression and just a slight amount of reverb added to it.

For setup, the first recording is plugging the guitar pickup via a 1/4" TRS cable direct to the H5. It is in mono. Up until the end of last year, it was how I was doing a lot of my recording. It's clean but has a lot of "quack" in it.

The second recording is the same setup but the guitar is now plugged into the Tonedexter and the output of the Tonedexter is connected to the H5 via another 1/4" TRS cable. I created a Wavemap of the guitar in the Tonedexter and the recording you hear is via the Wavemap modeling. It's much better, a lot of the quack is gone.

The third recording is via an X-Y mic setup using two Shure KSM137 mics plugged directly into the H5. It is done in stereo. It sounds more expansive and balanced and no quack.

I've only done one Wavemap for this guitar on the Tonedexter so I am pretty sure I can try different mics/positions and create a more accurate Wavemap. I believe the mic recording above sounds the best but the recording via the Tonedexter is not bad and it’s much better than the pickup going direct to the H5.

Sonically, the mics are the best way to go but if your recording environment is not conducive to using mics, you will get a pretty good raw recording via the Tonedexter that should require minimal post mixing/editing.
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