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Old 12-18-2021, 07:34 PM
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Default What custom guitar commissions are you expecting delivery on in 2022?

Unbelievably, we have arrived at the end of 2021 (they all seem to fly by the older that I get). I suspect that a number of you fellow AGFers have some custom guitar commissions in the build queue with manufacturers, small shops and luthiers. Hopefully, some of you will share your builds and or completed commissioned guitars here in the AGF “Custom Shop” throughout 2022.

What guitars are you expecting & from which manufacturers/small shops & luthiers will we be seeing here in 2022?

I will update a summary list here over the next 4 to 6 weeks (through January) based on responses in this initial post.

Michel Aboudib--------------------------------------------3---
Archaic Guitars (Tim Garst)——————————————1—-
Andrea Bagnasco & Alessio Casati——————————-1—-
Rye Bear———————————————————————1—-
Allen Beardsell————————————————————1—-
Marc Beneteau————————————————————2—-
Black Creek Guitars (Kevin Dean)—————-—————1—-
Jayson Bowerman——————————————————-2—-
Nick Branwell—————————————————————1—
John Buckham————————————————————2—-
Leo Buendia—————————————————————-1—-
Circa (John Slobod)—————————————————-4—-
Collings Guitar--------------------------------------------1---
Russel Crosby————————————————————-2—-
Tom Doerr (RIP)———————————————————-1—-
Emerald Guitars———————————————————-1—-
Simon Fay——————————————————————1—-
Franklin Guitar Co. (Nick Kukich)———————————1—-
Froggy Bottom Guitars————————————————1—-
Michael Greenfield----------------------------------------2---
Halcyon Guitars (Ed Bond)——————————————1—-
Gage Halland————————————————————-1—-
Mark Hatcher————————————————————-3—-
Stephen Holst————————————————————-1—-
Indian Hill Guitars (Mike Kennedy)——————————1—-
Iris Guitar Co.————————————————————-2—-
Isaac Jang-------------------------------------------------1---
Brian Itzkin—————————————————-————1—-
John Kinnaird————————————————————-3—-
Stephen Kinnaird—————————————————-—7—-
Kevin Kopp———————————————-——————1—-
Jason Kostal—————————————————————1—-
Burton LeGeyt————————————————————1—-
Marchwood Guitars (Oliver Marchant)————————-1—-
Jordan McConnell———————————————————1—
McIlroy Guitars--------------------------------------------1---
Tim McKnight————————————————————-3—-
Joel Michaud—————————————————————3—-
Brook Moore—————————————————————1—-
Noemi Guitars (Noemi Schembri)——————————-1—-
James Olson—————————————————————1—-
Claudia & Claudio Pagelli———————————-——-—1——
Tyler Robbins----------------------------------------------1---
Kevin Ryan——————————————————————1—-
Santa Cruz Guitar Co.——————————————-——3—-
Bruce Sexauer————————————————————3—-
Skytop Guitars (Eric Weigeshoff)———————————1—
Anders Sterner————————————————————1—-
Taran Guitars (Rory Dowling)----------------------------2---
Dake Traphagen———————————————————-1—-
Treehouse Guitars (Zach Lefebre)———————-———1—-
Turnstone. Guitar Co. (Rosie Heydenrych)——————-1—
Veillette Guitars———————————————————-1—-
Wandering Boys Guitars (Jack Tarlinton)———————-1—-
David Webber----------------------------------------------1---
Ben Wilborn—————————————————————-2—
Kathy Wingert---------------------------------------------1---
A bunch of nice archtops, flattops, a gypsy & nylon strings…

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Old 12-18-2021, 07:37 PM
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SCGC OM Italian/Cocobolo expected delivery April 2022.
Old 12-18-2021, 08:17 PM
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It’s hard to know for sure what will arrive in 2022, but I’m pretty sure about the following:

Pagelli 40th Anniversary (OM-ish guitar, Euro spruce and maple)
LeGeyt CLM (Carpathian spruce/koa)
Circa OM-42 (Adi/Braz)
Circa 00-12, style 30 (Adi/Braz)
Old 12-18-2021, 08:47 PM
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Sexauer L00 adi/Pernambuco. His current build maybe finished this January.
Old 12-18-2021, 09:27 PM
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A Simon Fay OM, Sinker Redwood over Tiger Myrtle, due in ~2 weeks, could actually arrive in '21. but probably not. Nothing ever arrives early.

(later, 1/24/22) Got it after7 days on the road... somewhere. And am loving it. I may post photos in a couple of days.
The Bard Rocks

Fay OM Sinker Redwood/Tiger Myrtle
Sexauer L00 Adk/Magnolia For Sale
Hatcher Jumbo Bearclaw/"Bacon" Padauk
Goodall Jumbo POC/flamed Mahogany
Appollonio 12 POC/Myrtle
MJ Franks Resonator, all Australian Blackwood
Blackbird "Lucky 13" - carbon fiber
'31 National Duolian
+ many other stringed instruments.

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Old 12-19-2021, 07:00 AM
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Franklin OM, Brazilian/German Spruce, starting sometime in the Spring.
Old 12-19-2021, 07:33 AM
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In the pipeline for an Iris jumbo.

Goodall, Martin, Wingert
Old 12-19-2021, 07:44 AM
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Halcyon OO White Oak/ Adi

Treehouse OM Wenge/Engelmann
Old 12-19-2021, 07:53 AM
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Default Custom orders

Emerald X10 with a 1 3/4 nut. Expected sometime in February.
Veillette Jazz, maple back and sides, expecting around mid-year.
"Don't let your baby down" Storm Windows, John Prine
'66 Gibson J-200, '55 J50, JB Model 1; Martin M-36; Micheletti Osprey Rigid Rim; Collings OM2H, GR Bear OM C; Emerald X10 Slimline; Gretsch HOF Country Gent & G6120CMHOF; Gibson ES-165; CP Thornton Improv; Veillette Flyer 14 & Lyric; Anderson Crowdster++ ....
Old 12-19-2021, 09:35 AM
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Bagnasco & Casati 000-42 red spruce/mahogany this summer.
Old 12-19-2021, 09:41 AM
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Tom Doerr Solace due sometime in January. Brian Applegate will be putting the final setup and touches on this instrument. Sadly, the last guitar to come out of Tom's shop. I am still heartbroken about the loss of such a talented and caring individual.
Beneteau Concert cutaway Sitka/Maple 2009
Beneteau Baritone Sitka/Walnut 2005
Beneteau Concert cutaway Adi/Honduras Rosewood 2003
Maple Beneteau for sale
Old 12-19-2021, 10:23 AM
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Kostal MDC pernambuco/German
Olson SJ brz/cedar
Echopark ghetto bird
Old 12-19-2021, 12:59 PM
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Some awesome builds coming down the pike.

I’m not certain it will make 2022, but a Buendia is on the list for me. I still need to make a visit to narrow down details.

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Old 12-19-2021, 01:30 PM
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I have two upcoming commissions scheduled for delivery during 2022:
  • Santa Cruz Guitar Co., Model FS (Italian/Claro Walnut)
  • Stephen Kinnaird, 000-12 (Adirondack/Macassar Ebony)
A bunch of nice archtops, flattops, a gypsy & nylon strings…
Old 12-19-2021, 01:52 PM
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Fanned fret Indian Hill, which I need to finalize soon. Goal is more or less to build the scale length around CGCGCD tuning. Probably going to order an Applegate cedar SJ, too.
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