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Old 10-30-2014, 10:53 AM
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I started playing classical guitar in the mid 60's. I like to play Latin American dances (Lauro, Pujol, Morel and others).

On the steel string (acoustic) I like Bluegrass and acoustic blues. I started playing steel string in the 70's at college.

I'll try anything on my electric bass. I bought the bass about 10 years ago.

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My first love is for old jazz standards, and my current favorites of that genre are: Moonglow , and , Just Like a Butterfly Caught in the Rain.

Some Americana/Folk/BLuegrass tunes have appeal if they are suited to harmonies. I enjoy singing along while I play.

For my instrumental leanings - Doc Watson and Chet Atkins are my heroes and inspiration. I do a pretty decent cover of WIndy and Warm, and, Doc's Guitar is to the point where it is recognizable even tho not to tempo yet (if ever).

I first started playing in 1972, but didn't start to seriously work on improving my skills until 1990 or so. The last 8 years one might call me a bit manic about the time and attention I give to practicing.

But, dang, it sure makes me happy! And, gives me something to look forward to as I clock watch at the office.

yours in tune,

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Old 10-30-2014, 10:59 AM
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I like this thread.

I'm a late-blooming guitar player. Spent my youth under the influence of my highly musical parents but unfortunately our tastes didn't match. Them: Classical and jazz, me: blues, rock, country, bluegrass.

Always wanted to learn guitar but was told, "Guitars is what people strum around campfires. Find something a bit less pedestrian, if you would?" I wish I hadn't bought into that narrow-minded attitude, but when you're a kid growing up in "Old elitist Europe," what can you do...

Started with piano at age 6, switched to clarinet during middle and high school. My school was very big on musical education - everybody learned to read music, and we spent entire class periods listening to symphonies and following along with the conductor's score, teasing apart and discussing the roles of each instrument. That was in 8th grade. I played in the school band but never got into the music. No wonder - it took me getting a lot older to realize I HATE brass music and big band kind of stuff.

So I quit the clarinet upon graduation from high school. Never picked up an instrument in college because I thought I was "too busy" and "too old to learn a new instrument." LOL!!

If I had known then what I know now...

Fast forward into my early thirties, went to a concert, light bulb went on, bought a guitar the following week. I couldn't finger a single chord at the time. I asked a guitar-playing friend for advice on what to buy, he said, "You should learn a few things before you go and buy a guitar." I replied, "that is not an option. I'm going to buy a guitar this weekend"

So I went to a store and told the rep I wanted to buy a guitar to play Neil Young stuff. He played a cheap, Asian solid-top no-name brand dreadnaught, I told him I'll buy it, and I took it home. Didn't put it down for five hours straight. That's when I realized I should have been doing this all my life. Noodled around for a number of years without making much progress, then discovered bluegrass about 4 years ago. Started taking regular lessons and playing in jams.

Wow, and now I realize that I've been blabbering and nobody cares. My apologies, I guess it was cathartic in a way...

Music I play:

Americana, bluegrass, country, folk, singer-songwriter stuff. I'm playing my first gig ever tonight with a bluegrass band that I recently joined as a singer and rhythm player.

"I've always thought of bluegrass players as the Marines of the music world" – (A rock guitar guy I once jammed with)

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Old 10-30-2014, 11:36 AM
kydave kydave is offline
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I'm playing my first gig ever tonight with a bluegrass band that I recently joined as a singer and rhythm player.
Woo hoo!!!!


We want photos and audio!!!!!!!!

Break a leg!!!!

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Old 10-30-2014, 12:44 PM
RedJoker RedJoker is offline
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I just turned 40 and have been playing for a year. I played trumpet in grade school, keyboard in the dining room for a bit, had the lead in a couple high school musicals, and the was a professional juggler until now. I wanted to learn guitar to play around the campfire as my juggling partner has been playing since college. Since I've been learning, I'm finding more and more that I want to learn. This is one of the best hobbies I've ever picked up!
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s2y s2y is offline
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Instrumental fingerstyle cuz I can't sing.
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Old 10-30-2014, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by ikravchik View Post
I find it disproportional how much people talk about the technical aspects of guitars here: woods, brands, shapes, bracing etc, and how little discussion goes on about the actual music that guitars produce.


I play blues, Arabic and Celtic music.

I've been playing for 16 years.
Excellent OP. Got any examples of the Arabic music you play? I've worked in Arabic countries and really enjoy the music and various time signatures that go along with it.

I've been playing ~48 years, and for almost all of it, either jazz I've composed or straight-ahead jazz.

As far as "folk music" , I'm a big fan of the folk music of Bulgaria, Romania , Hungary, Persia, and nearly anyplace that Gypsy's have roamed on their migration from Persia to the west. In particular I like the music from Latcho Drom, and bands like Ivo Poposov (for "folk" music).
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Old 10-30-2014, 01:32 PM
DCannon DCannon is offline
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My love these days and for the past 15 years is traditional Irish/Celtic music (guitar, Irish bouzouki, bodhran, and tin whistle). But I still play mostly classical on piano.

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Old 10-30-2014, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by juice22 View Post
If you've got room for a kazoo, I want in.
I'll bring a dropcloth, loaded gun, and a shovel.
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Vognell Vognell is offline
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I started with bluegrass.... my guitar teacher when I was young had me play a bit of jazz, blues, and popular music.. which I liked well enough, but never really got into playing. I didn't play much for a couple of decades, then got back into the swing of things with classical guitar music (prompted by the purchase of my first nylon string guitar). Since then I've dabbled in blues, learned a few new fiddle tunes, and have started into fingerstyle arrangements of classic tunes such as "Dust in the Wind", "Wonderful Tonight" and "Whiter Shade of Pale". I'd like to diversify the fingerstyle a little more, and delve into country blues, jazz, and some Chet Atkins/Tommy Emmuel type stuff.
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