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Default Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII DUO 10x6 Thunderbolt Audio Interface with UAD DSP

Hi. I purchased this unit new less than three months ago but since the lockdown, I've lost most of my income so some stuff needs to go unfortunately. I'll ship this for free to a confirmed pay pal address in the lower 48 states. Includes original box, Thunderbolt 2 cable, power supply, and you'll get access to the Luna DAW for Mac and the plug in collection once you connect this interface and log into your UA account. This is a rock solid great sounding interface! If you're interested in setting up a home studio or podcasting etc, this is an excellent choice. Pics will be up in my next post.

To purchase, you can pm me, or, e-mail me at: [email protected]

Next-gen Conversion, Thunderbolt Connectivity, and the Power of UAD with Apollo Twin MkII Quad

Universal Audio's Apollo Twin MkII Quad improves on the acclaimed Apollo Twin interface with next-generation AD/DA converters for astonishingly wide dynamic
range and ultra-low THD. And with expanded monitoring controls, the Apollo Twin MkII Quad packs console functionality into a desktop interface for Mac
and PC. With built-in UAD processing, the Apollo Twin Quad lets you take advantage of the rich, warm, analog sound of UAD Powered Plug-ins during mixdown
— and even in real time during tracking. Speaking of tracking, the Apollo Twin's astounding Unison mic preamp technology lets you re-create the sound of
classic mic preamps in a way that software processing simply can't match. The Apollo Twin MkII Quad also boasts compatibility with UA’s LUNA software,
giving you a tightly integrated recording, editing, and mixing environment, with full software-based control over your interface’s parameters, global console
and tape emulations, and advanced real-time tracking.

Sensational Plug-in Bundle Included with Your Apollo Twin!

UAD Powered Plug-ins have earned their reputation for being some of the most accurate emulations of analog audio equipment ever created. The astonishing
processing power of the UAD platform is what makes these plug-ins sound so great. You simply can't get the depth, color, and character these plug-ins have
without devoting huge CPU resources to them. Best of all, Apollo Twin MkII lets you record your audio through UAD plug-ins in real time with sub-2ms latency.
When you buy an Apollo Twin Quad interface, you'll receive the Realtime Analog Classics bundle, which includes:

list of 14 items
UA 610-B
Marshall Plexi Classic Amplifier
Teletronix LA-2A Legacy
UA 1176LN Legacy
UA 1176SE Legacy
Pultec EQP-1A Legacy
Pultec Pro Legacy
Precision Channel Strip
Precision Reflection Engine
Precision Delay Modulation
Precision Delay Modulation L
Raw Distortion
Ampeg SVT-VR
list end

Thunderbolt: Ultra-low Latency and Unrivaled Bandwidth

Thunderbolt is one of the most important technologies to impact audio production in years, and Universal Audio was one of the first to adopt it. Thanks
to its blazing-fast connectivity, Thunderbolt offers lower latency and greater stability than USB or FireWire, clocking in with the speed and ultra-fast
performance of a PCI Express system — but with the convenience of a single cable. Apollo Twin MkII's Thunderbolt connection lets you run projects with
high track counts at incredibly low latency. In fact, you can even record through UAD plug-ins in real time with less than 2ms latency!

The Apollo Twin Quad Features UAD-2 Processing Power Built In

There are times when your computer just doesn't have the power and speed to run all the plug-ins your recording session needs. With UAD Powered Plug-ins,
the processing load is taken off your computer and borne by UAD's super-powerful Analog Devices SHARC processors. Universal Audio's Apollo Twin MkII interface
has these SHARC processors built in and is available in SOLO (one SHARC), DUO (two SHARCs), and QUAD (four SHARCs) configurations.

Digitally Controlled Outputs and Advanced Monitor Controls with Apollo Twin Quad

Many audio interfaces have a volume control that reduces digital bit depth as you lower the volume — so unless you're listening at the maximum volume level,
you're not really hearing your mix as you should be. The Apollo Twin MkII is equipped with digitally controlled analog monitor outputs, where your audio
passes through at its full resolution and is attenuated in the analog realm. Even at low volume levels, the Apollo Twin MkII lets you accurately determine
if your mix has the punch, impact, and detail that it needs. Handy controls for Mute, Dim, Mono, and Alt speaker switching offer console-like control over
your monitoring experience. And to top it all off, a built-in talkback mic provides easy studio communication.

Smart I/O Selection for a Desktop Interface

For smaller studios and mobile producers, the Apollo Twin MkII zeros in on what you need for productive sessions. You've got a pair of Unison mic/line
inputs with Burr-Brown PGA2500 preamps, which sound detailed and transparent. If you need more inputs, an optical input lets you add up to eight more via
ADAT. Four analog outputs and a high-quality headphone output give you enough outputs for most small tracking sessions.

It's just the right setup for producers on the go, for engineers who need to mix with powerful UAD plug-ins outside of their studio, and even for DJs who
want the best possible live sound they can get. If you're not sure how you would integrate the Apollo Twin MkII into your existing setup, just give your
Sweetwater Sales Engineer a call!

Bridging the Gap Between Your UAD-equipped Studio and Everywhere Else with the Apollo Twin MkII Quad

If you mix with UAD plug-ins in your studio, but also like to record and mix outside your studio, the Apollo Twin MkII is the missing link you've been
waiting for. With just your laptop and the Apollo Twin MkII, you can easily take powerful UAD processing anywhere you go.

And the live sound possibilities are awesome: use the Apollo Twin MkII as a real-time processor for your bass or guitar, and take your studio sound onstage.
If you're an electronic music producer that also DJs, using the Apollo Twin MkII as your live performance interface will give you huge, detailed sound
that will make other DJs jealous.

So, while the Apollo Twin MkII is a great entry point for new UAD users, it's also the perfect way to take your existing UAD-powered projects on the road.

Cascade Up to 4 Apollo Interfaces

Thanks to the combined power and flexibility of Thunderbolt connectivity and UA Console 2.0 management software, it’s incredibly easy to combine up to
four Apollo interfaces (plus two additional Satellites) into a single powerhouse production system. Cascaded Apollos share DSP and I/O, and you can easily
manage it all via a single Console window.
Compatible with LUNA — UA’s complete music production environment with ultra-tight hardware/software integration

This Universal Audio Thunderbolt-equipped audio interface is compatible with UA’s free LUNA software. LUNA is a complete music production environment for
tracking, editing, and mixing. And thanks to its ultra-tight hardware/software integration, you can take control of your interface’s monitoring, talkback,
and headphone systems, track and overdub with UAD DSP-accelerated plug-ins in real time, and benefit from full software-based control over Apollo’s Unison
mic preamps, all without leaving your production software. LUNA is the closest you’ll come to an analog workflow in the software realm. It delivers spot-on
analog sound, along with the creative immediacy of real-time processing.

LUNA also includes Accelerated Realtime Monitoring, which supplies fast analog-style tracking and overdubbing using Apollo’s onboard DSP acceleration.
Anyone who’s used a high-end DSP-assisted hardware/DAW recording system will appreciate the super-tight integration between LUNA and Universal Audio interfaces.
LUNA also supplies you with unlimited track counts, contextual editing and browsing, UAD and AU plug-in compatibility, a session auto-save function, and
AAF importing.

LUNA software comes with the Shape Creative Toolkit, a superb virtual instrument with modern and vintage keys, drums/percussion, guitar/bass, orchestral
content, and real-time synthesis, plus the Oxide Tape Extension, a killer saturation effect, right out of the box. But to get the most out of this system,
you’ll want UA’s LUNA
Creator Bundle
(sold separately). This bundle includes ultra-realistic Neve 80 Series console and Studer A800 multitrack tape extensions, plus two software instruments.
The best part about LUNA extensions is that once you install them, their sound is baked right into LUNA’s mixer — no need to instantiate a bunch of plug-ins.

Universal Audio Apollo Twin MkII DUO Audio Interface Features:
list of 11 items
Thunderbolt audio interface for Mac with two analog inputs, four analog outputs, and eight channels of ADAT input
Sounds amazing, with next-generation AD/DA for maximum fidelity
Use outstanding UAD Powered Plug-ins for tracking and mixdown
Preamps sound pristine, and Unison technology gives you spot-on emulations of classic preamps
Includes Realtime Analog Classics plug-in bundle with accurate emulations of vintage analog hardware
Thunderbolt gives you ultra-low latency and huge bandwidth for higher sample rates and track counts
Compact design makes it perfect for mobile recording, mixing outside of your studio, and even performing live
Hands-on control over your monitor outputs
Cascade up to 4 Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo interfaces and 6 total UAD devices
Free Thunderbolt cable included
Compatible with UA’s LUNA software for ultra-tight hardware/software integration
list end
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Default Pics...


Also, here are the tech specs from Sweetwater:

list of 21 items
Computer Connectivity:Thunderbolt 2
Form Factoresktop
Simultaneous I/O:10 x 6
A/D Resolution:Up to 24-bit/192kHz
Built In DSP/FX:Two SHARC processors - Realtime UAD processing
Number of Preamps:2 x mic, 1 x instrument
Phantom Power:Yes
Analog Inputs:2 x XLR-1/4" combo, 1 x 1/4" (Hi-Z)
Analog Outputs:2 x 1/4" (monitor), 2 x 1/4" (line)
Digital Inputs:1 x Optical Toslink (ADAT)
Headphones:1 x 1/4"
Thunderbolt:1 x Thunderbolt 2
Software:UAD Analog Classics Bundle with Unison Emulations (VST, RTAS, AU, AAX 64)
OS Requirements - Mac:OS X 10.10 or later
OS Requirements - PC:Windows 10 64-bit Anniversary or later, Thunderbolt 3 port, Thunderbolt 2 adapter (not included for PC)
Power Supply:12V DC power supply (included)
Weight:2.35 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number:APLTWDII
list end
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Care to post a price?
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Doh! I spent all that time grabbing all the info for the unit and I forgot to put the price!

$735 and that includes shipping with tracking and full insurance via USPS 2-3 day Priority delivery. Pay Pal or Apple Pay only.
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Originally Posted by studioman001 View Post
Doh! I spent all that time grabbing all the info for the unit and I forgot to put the price!

$735 and that includes shipping with tracking and full insurance via USPS 2-3 day Priority delivery. Pay Pal or Apple Pay only.
You ad title says DUO, but you describe it as a QUAD. what is yours?
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