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Originally Posted by 6twenty7 View Post
1. My goals are to be able to play more pieces, learn new songs. Also big factor is to work my way towards the really hard classical pieces that require tremolo and harder techniques.
2. I feel really far from it, but I make it a point to practice every morning and right before I go to bed. I bought pumping nylon, 120 right hand studies and practice left hand independence, arpeggios, tremolo and right hand speed everyday before working on anything else.
3. Maybe it's my personality and I know some of the pieces I listen to takes years to master, but it makes we want to get there even faster. I'm being impatient and know it'll happen over time.
4. Dexterity is an issue, but I feel every extra few minutes I practice it helps a lot.

5. I practice about 3-4 hours a day. When I wake up before anything else I like to do stretches. Then left hand exercises. Individual finger movement to double. I like doing spider up and down the neck at least once. After wards I do Slur exercises. After left hand is done, I do 2 pages from my Giuliani right hand studies book. Scales with metronome and then some finger burst workouts with metronome. IM, MI, AM, MA, IA, AI about 5 minutes alternating through all my fingers. Last I focus on some tremolo for a couple of minutes. This whole thing can go anywhere from 20 minutes to even an hour, but I feel better knowing I got to practice these just in case I don't have a chance to practice later.

During the day to night I work at an Alzheimer house and can practice guitar there too. My client loves hearing music and can sing a long to Bob Dylan songs which is really cool. I get to work on some of my pieces I've been working on during these times. I love working on movie score pieces and a lot of joe hisashi studio ghibli songs.

Night before I go to bed, I practice some technique quietly trying not to disturb people. Planning on getting a silent guitar soon. I spend an hour or until my eyes wont open looking at music theory, some sight reading and guitar neck memorizing videos. I have ear training video class I haven't gotten to yet that I've been wanting to watch.
It looks like you need a serious classical instructor within a larger organization that has graduated courses with student rankings, etc. What you are doing is way beyond what I do (old guy with guitar syndrome, ).

You might want to ask here

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It totally depends on what your objective is and how you like to learn best. I personally like the immediate feedback that I get from a live, in-person lesson from a teacher. That said, it can take some time to find the right teacher depending on how you approach learning and they approach teaching. There are so many great options out there for lessons on the internet via youtube, as well as sites like Homespun and TrueFire which may work better for some folks.

When you get down to it, taking time to practice and enjoying what your working on will get you a long way. A teacher can be most helpful when you know what it is you want to learn and they can teach it in a way that works with your learning style.

I currently have a teacher and she and I have worked out a schedule where I go once a month for an hour. I am an intermediate player and it gives me plenty of time in between lessons to work on the songs or techniques amidst my work schedule and it is more cost-effective for me.

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