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Default What the good teachers do.

I always have this feeling we need to support schools knowing we all might only get a few good teachers in those K-12 years but they make such a difference. When I became enough adult to forget the bad ones and bad stuff I became more thankful.

Yesterday a Facebook friend posted a toast to her dad who died while she is outside of the country. They were in my childhood neighborhood but both parents good teachers.

It didn't take long to see a huge chain of responses that were not just nice or warm, but also showed her parents were parts of creating far more than their own family. Doing the math, I see it was foundation stuff for thousands of kids. It might also be worth noting her dad was tough and controversial. The net result is still seeing I was just one of so many who got farther down the road from it.

Let's hear it for those teachers we may or may not have liked but who helped pave our paths! All those Facebook posts show Mr. C. did not waste his time on earth.
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I think it's very unfortunate that teachers generally do not get the recognition or community support that they richly deserve. Yes, there are bad ones as well as good ones out there; but I fear that as schools are increasingly conscripted to cure the ills of society and education accountability is held up as the litmus test, our better teachers will have a much shorter shelf life in the field. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with accountability; but with school shootings, drugs, gangs, cyber bullying, alcohol use and students coming from homes where neither educational nor behavioral readiness can be assumed, educational subject matter and SOL preparation often take a back seat.
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there is a daily current affairs programme on BBC Radio 4 which I listen to most of the day when at home.

Earlier this week they asked people to call in to talk about teachers who had been positive in their development.

It followed on from a "Desert Island Discs" programme with a Black English footballer who had a very bad family life, which carried over to his schooling.
He cried publicly on the radio programme (we're British - we don't do that!) about one elderly white teacher who would not give up on him and who changed his life.
The call in programme was overwhelmed by callers telling their stories, ad it was quite emotional.

My start at schooling at age 5-6 was terrible, it was a private school where I was beaten and locked in cupboards for the sin of being left handed. my parents took me away when they realised, and I was sent to another very small private prep school. I will always remember Mrs Bradshaw who taught a small class with love and enthusiasm, and I seriously think that it was her who taught me so much about nature, geography, history, as well as taking me way about the English, maths and comprehension levels necessary for my 11plus exam.

My secondary school was terrible. Gangs, stabbings lots of corporal punishment and due to Mrs Bradshaw's teachings I needed to do nothing until well into the third year as I was so far ahead of the rest.

My education in that school could not give me the academic education I really needed as it was just about training us to technical trades, but the teachers were byandlarge caring and committed. The headmaster was the only really violent one apart from the deputy who knocked me out once but it was a genuine mistake .. after all he was very drunk at the time.
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