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Old 06-01-2019, 06:13 AM
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Originally Posted by justonwo View Post
In my experience, when you find THE ONE, there isn’t much ambiguity. I tend to wait until I have that experience.
Originally Posted by Blind Dog View Post
I found my Larrivée OM-O3 (bear claw & mahogany) used, and it's become my main squeeze by a wide margin. Bought for the comfortable size, I was quite surprised by the clear, beautiful, balanced tone. At $750 used, minty with hsc, the value imo is pretty incredible. When I emailed, at 3 am, I received a reply, at 6:45 -- with an exact date & details on my guitar's bear claw top. I've always been impressed with Jean's amazing cs, but they had no idea I was a repeat customer.

I found the Larrivée, the guitar I needed, and had the majority of my budget still intact. Left me the freedom to take chances on others, the guitars I just wanted. It's worked out well.

All I do is play guitar, and when people warn me I play too much, I think the variety may have served me well for overuse injuries. Everything I was aware of said that it was precise movements that tended to cause the injury. Different radius, nut width & spacing options may be part of the reason I haven't had problems. Work took out my shoulder, which left me playing thru pain, if I wanted to play. Led me to switch from dread's. So much nicer--not to hurt.

When my attention starts to wane, then it's time to pick up one of the others -- and I'm back into the zone. After supper, I pick up another (or two), but the Larrivée usually takes me to the wee hours, like a perfect pair of old slippers. Just feels so right.

Good luck.
I’m highlighting these posts because they echo my sentiment. You may already have “the One” and not even know it. It sounds like you just have GAS and want to stay with what you’ve got. Having two similar models of guitar has never made much sense to me. To me it’s akin to a Mormon marrying twins; one person who wants to commit to more than one significant other but in the end only has time for one.

I quoted the second post because I too have a Larrivee and no yearning at all for another OM. I found my “one” - at least one OM; I still have GAS for a second dread, which has always been more of a “mistress” than a wife. It sings to me but it’s a redhead (aged mahogany from Martin looks reddish to me) and I’ve always preferred brunettes (rosewoods and walnuts.)

TBH I also tinker and have been tooling up to build a walnut/Sitka OM. I guess it will be my daughter. Sheesh, but I over personify my guitars - but they make me happy!
~ Neil (sofa player, shower singer and basement whittler)
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Well, I have a Santa Cruz OM -- I've had it since 1995 and I've never been tempted to replace it -- so another one would be worth a look, I'd think. You've played some good guitars and folks have suggested others worth checking out.

As to how to decide . . . I'm not sure. There are some basic things you can do to run a sort of test for yourself as a filter, and you probably have a routine already, but that (at least for me), is a way of ruling things out as much as anything, either because of a number of ways in which a guitar falls short or because one or another has its strengths or charms but fail to check a box that matters to you or have some issue. In the end, I've always ended up making repeat visits but there's been some subjective click that made me choose.
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Old 06-01-2019, 11:23 AM
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I have this one by Jonathan Razo. Obviously more of a modern and lightly braced OM.

[IMG] psaux8payf.jpg

This one is an oversized OM by Bob Thompson with traditional bracing and tone. Very versatile and this one would be my only acoustic if I were limited to 1.

Not my exact guitar. Similar tone. It's about like a mini dread in terms of tone and almost as loud. Much more finger style friendly than my DN.
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