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Old 06-24-2016, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by srmaximo View Post
I've taught guitar for ten years and have watched hundreds of my students learn to strum. While I agree that ultimately strumming by "feeling" the music is a good goal, the ability to do that comes from having learned a huge repertoire of rhythms--either methodically, or through futzing through thousands of songs as they were learning to play music.

So until you get to the point where it seems natural to "feel," thinking about the "downs" and "ups" is totally fine.

I like the strumming pattern other people are recommending. Here's how I write them for my students:

D   D U   U D U
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +
And here's a video of the pattern on my site. Scroll down to "Exercise 7" and click the link next to it.

Hope this helps,

Well, I liken what you are saying to the old weightlifting adage that you have to: vary up the routines, so muscles don't get to used to the same thing.
This is true, but I think people - particularly in this day and age - misinterpret that.

In fact, what is needed is a variety of lots of things OVER time, not a variety of EVERYTHING at THIS time.
Otherwise, you will not be able to form a basis on WHICH to improve.
Yes, techniques are important, but if they take the form of isolated exercises vs. someone trying to imitate their favorite recording, then they will never give themselves the opportunity to lock in and delve deeply into a particular song.

Nowadays people want to dissect and research and optimize in advance of actually practicing - so as not to waste one single minute on 'fruitless' practice (a pipedream, btw) long will it take me to be good?....I believe anyone who asks that will probably never be good, because they have already put a clock on the thing. If you want a 3 minute egg in 30 seconds then go for it. But remind me never to go to your house for breakfast.

My theory on practicing - whether it be strumming or fingerstyle or whatever, is: take a song that you absolutely love, that you could listen to 100 times in a row and use THAT to practice on. You wanting to imitate the sound of the recording is what should be driving you, not strumming directions. Seriously, if you find you need strumming directions THEN I think the REAL problem is: you are trying to learn on a song that is NOT your favorite of all time.

And if you feel, well, I could never play the same song 15 times in a row while practicing...that's fair, but then I think you surrender your right to wonder why you can't get better.
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Old 06-28-2016, 09:21 AM
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Smile Try JustinGuitar Lesson

Hello SprintBob,

JustinGuitar on YouTube has a decent lesson for this song found here:

What stood out in this lesson, for me, was that you start on the "and" after four (not on the one beat), Justin covers this very well. You might want to give this one a look as it may help with your strumming pattern, and getting it to sound right.

Happy Playing.

So many little time.
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