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Old 01-30-2021, 02:18 AM
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I received my Logitech C920 this week. I'll try it with my voice lesson next week. I bought this camera already in 2015 and price was 72.49 EUR. This time it cost 161.66 EUR.
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Old 02-27-2021, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by ljguitar View Post
Hi rabbuhl

For Zoom meetings where I'm using my laptop, I've been using a $15 Pyle headset with ⅛" jack into a $13 TechRise 3 way adapter (to convert the mic to USB) and wearing a bluetooth earbud (one of my AirPod Pro). If buying again I'd get the double over the ear version of the Pyle mic - $20 (allows one to adjust the extension of the mic). I was actually surprised at the quality of these inexpensive mics! Another company (Polsen) has similar mics for similar prices. They certainly rival any of the $60-100 headset mics. When I say HEADSET I mean only a mic, with NO earphone. They often go out-of-stock on Amazon, and B&H often carries them.

I belong to a large Zoom group (several hundred people) and most people who order these cheap mics say they order 2 in case one goes bad, and so far 3 or 4 people reported such a failure over the past year.

Pyle Dual Ear version - CliCk

To convert the mic to USB, I use this…(saves me having to carry my MOTU-M2 Interface)
Tech Rise 3-way usb interface - CliCk

These go straight into the laptop. I use an ⅛"-⅛" extension cable so I have some distance from the laptop. The reason I use a bluetooth earbud is to cut down on cables dangling round my head.

If I want better audio output from my end, then I run my MOTU-M2 interface with either my RODE NT-2, or AudioTechnica AT-2021. I still use my AirPods Pro for ear monitor (only one). This type setup would probably be preferable if you are doing lessons. Your hands could be free, and you can adjust your posture properly.

The Logitech C920 camera is still better than adequate, and a preferred camera for upping the quality over built in computer/laptop cameras.

I carry one as my travel cam with my laptop, and it works great on Zoom, Skype, etc. They are hard to get hold of these days (eBay has them), and what used to cost $60 is now $100. All these services are limiting resolution now days anyway.

Hope you find the rig of your dreams for lessons and beyond!

Hi Larry,

I recently purchased the Pyle headset (dual ear-loop) and TechRise sound card, just as you described. However I have not been able to get the headset to work when plugged in and I noticed the TechRise specifically mentions in one of their Amazon photos that it doesn't work with TR inputs, only TRS (the Pyle looks like it's a TR). I actually was able to get it working by plugging in the Pyle connector halfway, but this doesn't seem like an ideal solution. What am I missing here? I've heard a lot of folks recommend this exact setup.
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