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Old 02-16-2020, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by willymartin View Post
A little more info as I sus the skippy on this new unit.... The effects are global. 2 effects banks, what you choose for each bank runs on every decide the level. Several effects (reverb, echos, delays and chorus). You can download the mixer app on google play/Apple and run it in demo mode to get a feel.
That is most unfortunate. Even the JBL Eon Compact let's you set different settings for delay, reverb and chorus for each channel.
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Old 02-17-2020, 11:02 AM
JimAltendahl JimAltendahl is offline
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The sub is a bit heavier than my L1C sub, but the bigger issue is the size and shape of the sub. The 30M sub is larger and has the shape of a cube vs. the L1C which is smaller and has a tapered shape. The tapered shape of the L1C makes it easy to carry. I found that the 30M was banging into my legs as I carried it. I haven't decided whether to purchase the rolling case yet. Maybe after carrying the sub from the parking lot to the venue a few times I will want the rolling case.

The set up was as simple as setting up my L1C: place the sub where I want it, insert the two extension poles, and place the speakers on top, and run the power cord. All the pieces just slide into position, no screwing pole pieces in and are held into position using magnets. I felt that the tower was much more sturdy than my L1C. I've had occasions where members of the audience have come up to talk and they like to reach out with their hand and lean on the speaker column (drives me nuts!!!).

The app is very easy to use. The "thumb wheel" control on each channel page makes fine tuning a setting very easy and accurate. Once down in the channel page, you can scroll left or right to the other channel pages as well as the Main, Aux, and Effects pages. Very simple and easy. At the gig, I connected the app to the 30M, recalled my preset, and made some minor adjustments using the app. I did notice that about 2 hours into the set, the app had lost its connection to the 30M and I had to reconnect. Not sure why.
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Old 02-18-2020, 01:07 AM
schataut schataut is offline
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I bought the Evolve 30m today from GS (got a sweet 15% off). I have been testing the sound for last few hours and I am just not happy with the reverb for vocals. I feel it's too "shiny" (if that makes sense). I recently sold my Fishman SA220 and comparing to SA220 the reverb sounds bad. Also I wasn't impressed by guitar sound either until I plugged in a Donner chorus pedal.

I am not a professional musician nor a sound engineer but so far I am not impressed by the sound. I will test the system for few more days and see if I want to keep it.
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Old 02-18-2020, 04:26 AM
Rockin'Robin Rockin'Robin is offline
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I too bought the Ev30m and tried it at home. I have few gigs coming up and will report afterwards, but here are my impressions so far :

The sound is nice enough. Not the best, but one of the best. Tight bass, the mids are there, a bit laking in the low mids but not as bad as other columns. It's a bit "hard" sounding and the trebles have to be watched. There is something about the trebles that smears the sound a little, I feel there are not as precise, detailed and upfront as they could be (the RCF Jmix8 was better in this regard, great highs, details and depth of soundstage galore you were swimming inside the record). I dunno, it sounds like a phase issue but this is very subtle and the unit sounds alright.

I do have some random dropouts with the Bluetooth, it's ok for me but if I had to use the Bluetooth at a gig I would check this, not acceptable.

I don't like the reverbs for my voice. I generally don't like any onboard reverb, even the Roy's reverb I found bad.

The app is great, I wish we had more information about what the presets are doing. The EQ moves are more subtle than others, which is good. As said before, there is only a level knob per channel, which I believe is volume. I believe gain is set automatically, because when plugging my dynamic and my condenser mics they have almost the same output at the same levels, and they shouldn't ! The condenser has way hotter output. I don't know how this works, it is not explained.

The strangest thing is with the phantom power. So there is +48v on channels 1 - 4. But no switch to be found. Actually, it seems that the phantom power is always on, but this is again written nowhere. Or maybe it automatically detects when a device needs phantom power? I'd be cautious about that, if you plan to plug some ribbons in for instance. I don't know if that's a result, but the back of the unit and the cables that are plugged in get quite hot.

Also, by default every channel is on with the gain up, and the master up. Strange. Because if you want to plug anything you must turn down everything before, and that might not be intuitive when there is no physical volume knob per channel.

Last complain is about the column, why did they design it like that... I mean you can only use it with the 2 extension poles, which is stupid. Many companies use a simple design that allows use of only 1, or even 0 to adapt the height of the unit...

I saved the last good thought for the end. This is a big deal for me, might not be for others... But I had many noisy units that drove me nuts. This one is really quiet !! Very little to no speaker shhhhhhh, no fan noise. Yeah this is a relief.

To sum it up : apart from the Bluetooth dropouts and the quality of the reverbs, nothing really wrong with the unit. That's quite something.

More to come after the gigs.

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Old 02-18-2020, 07:58 AM
willymartin willymartin is offline
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Hmmm? Great reviews! Still waiting for more live use reviews before I decide... But im starting to think a used ev 50 with a good mixer/reberb?
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