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Old 11-28-2021, 08:51 PM
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Default NG(ear)D X-Vive U4 wireless IEM

Looking for a Black Friday deal too good to be true, I stumbled across the X-Vive U4 Wireless IEM system. I already have -- and am mostly satisfied with -- the U2, U3 and U3C systems. Also, I've used wired IEMs for years and so I'm quite used to them. Finally, I've used other wireless IEM systems that cost 2x as much and they all left me unimpressed and reluctant to use anything but wired IEMs.

First thoughts--the receiver had nearly a full charge while the transmitter took longer to charge. The belt clip IS RUGGED as some reviews mention. Very sturdy. Easily clips on a nice thick leather guitar strap. The transmitter housing feels sturdy and the switch feels really good. I had an issue with my U3C a) not charging/working after a few short months of not using it, and b) the on/off switch felt cheap and may be the culprit. I may never be certain as finding a replacement battery hasn't been easy.

Anyway, the receiver is just like those of the U3 and U3C except that it has a female XLR connector and the unit includes an XLR to TS adapter.

I plugged my Yamaha AC3M Deluxe and a Sennheiser e965 into my Yamaha MG06X, set my gains and effects and plugged the U4 receiver into the L left channel XLR main out. I then found a set of earbuds (Basn Bsinger 2nd Gen 2 dynamic drivers) and plugged them into the transmitter and switched it on. Nothing. Oops forgot to bring up the volume. When I did, I couldn't believe how whisper quiet the unit was. Wired units get some line fuzz/hiss in them. Wireless units get twice as much. Not these. Not a sense of hiss at all. The sound spectrum had no apparent dropouts. I was wondering what different ear buds would sound like so I tried a set with 3 dynamic drivers in them(KZ DQ6). What a huge difference!!! Almost too hi-fi if that is even possible. Very trebly highs excellent mids and satisfying lows.


I'll be using IEMs more now that I'm reminded of how nice it is to hear what is coming through the board and trust the FOH people handle their end.
Be sure to try different earbuds. Incredible difference between a decent set and a better set. Can't wait to try my 5 and 6 driver (per side) buds through it.

Will have to try with all three (U2, U3 and U4) to see how that works out as far as interference and range go. I imagine there will be some hiss then.
As my username suggests, huge fan of Yamaha products. Own many acoustic-electric models from 2009-present and a couple electric. Lots of PA too.

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Old 11-29-2021, 04:08 AM
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Yup, my u4 unit is the only Xvive unit I own and it has a place in my core setup, with Shure se215 buds and Comply foam tips.

I'm the duty knobjockey so have control over my own mix. My #1 priority is limiting and suitable non-fatiguing EQ at the desk end.
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