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Old 05-14-2022, 06:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Richard Mott View Post
What great figure in that satinwood. Chatoyance, which I just learned comes from the French for the cat’s eye effect (i.e., the “chat” in the first syllable).
. . .and the oeil (eye) in the second.
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Old 05-14-2022, 10:28 AM
Richard Mott Richard Mott is offline
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“and the oeil (eye) in the second.”

Even better!
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Old 05-16-2022, 08:34 PM
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I shipped the latest and greatest (so I imagine) FT-L00 Adi over Pernambuco today. And I remembered to take a few photos before I packed it, so it has a page HERE on my website.

And here is a picture (or 2) that didn't make it to that page:

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Old 05-16-2022, 09:59 PM
tadol tadol is offline
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I will chime in and say that this latest pernambuco L-00 is a truly exceptional guitar - I stopped by Bruces shop and had the opportunity to play it, and played his latest braz rw OM, a pernambuco dread w/cutaway, and each was a real joy - each had certain characteristics that one would expect from one of Bruces builds in the materials used. But this L-00 had a little extra something in every area - a little more than you’d usually get from pernambuco, a little more than you’d usually get from an L-00, and even (dare I say it) a little more than I’d heard in any other build of Bruce’s. But I’m not entirely surprised - this is a size he does well, and a material he knows well, and I have gotten used to each new guitar he creates raising the bar of excellence just a bit more. All I can say is I am excited to hear the braz dread that will be coming together soon, and the beautiful olive that will get assembled after that. In the meantime, it’ll be interesting to see what the satinwood will create - and sadly, this pernambuco L-00 will be overseas, and I’ll never get a chance to see how much better it might get once it’s more than a few hours old -

As an aside, I also played a couple of his older dreads he has in stock - they are “just” eir / sitka, but one is truly a Martin clone, in build and appearance, while the other is a Sexauer take on a Martin dread, with the adjustments and appointments that make it more “modern”, and more “Sexauer”. What’s interesting is these 2 dreads are both great, and they offer a chance to hear how minor changes can affect the voices, and how small changes in materials can affect the overall appearance - all under the control of a master builder. And a number of times, when serious players came into his shop and played these 2, they frequently ended up ordering a guitar based on the details and voice they most liked, but usually in braz rw rather than eir. I guess if you’re gonna go for it, you might as well go the whole way, but braz adds a whole lot to the price, and the prices Bruce has on these two put them right in there with the prices on many better factory builds, but these are SOOO much more guitar - so if anyone is looking for a really good dread, I’d drop Bruce an email right away -
More than a few Santa Cruz’s, a few Sexauers, a Patterson, a Larrivee, a Cumpiano, and a Klepper!!
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Old 05-17-2022, 09:55 AM
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I would like to have been able to bring my L-00 adi/pernambuco up for a comparison, but my wife's father and cousin have been visiting so I have been unable. Mine is (in my opinion) spectacular, and my experience is that Bruce (somehow) keeps getting better and better at what he this new one must be really something. Congrats to the lucky owner.
Bruce, I love what you are doing now, unshackled from client requests. Olive! Pernambuco! and now Satinwood! What's next?
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