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Old 11-22-2019, 07:53 AM
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Depending on who the student was... yeah, why not! Jason Kostal was still an apprentice when I ordered my first guitar from him. That turned out pretty well.
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Old 12-02-2019, 07:35 PM
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OK I'm the one who bought this. To answer some of the questions a few posters may be interested in reading.

(1) Bridge is not cracked. It is a line in the grain.
(2) The intonation is excellent. I questioned the seller about this before buying it, as I have years of experience in setting up my own guitars, including making my own saddles and nuts, doing my own fret work and some repairs. The saddle does have less angle to it, but it is is thicker than usual and is indeed compensated for each string. I'm a perfectionist on setting intonation as close to perfect as I can and I can't find a reason to change a thing about this saddle or nut after playing it several times and thoroughly testing the string heights, fret leveling and intonation.
(3) Cosmetically, It has a few very minor dent's and some swirling in the finish.
(4) The fret board being slightly away from the sound hole on one side was mentioned by him, I didn't notice it. He added the cut off from the fret board to cover a flaw created by someone he let play it. It's not perfect, but I would't ever notice it unless I was doing a close inspection like I did when I got it in my hands. The picture makes it look way worse than it is.

As for how it sounds and plays?

It's rare I get a guitar I don't set up to fit my playing style, no matter who made it. He really did a fine job creating a finger style set up as I can't find anything I'd change as of yet. The frets are great, and I'm super picky of how they feel as I slide up and down the neck. I'll reevaluate this and at least polish them when I change the strings. String height may change a little, but I haven't felt a good reason to do so, yet.

I haven't got my favorite strings on it yet, but I have to say the tone has captured my affection already. I't hard for me to describe, but it has a depth and almost a liquidity I hear even more so in my Jake Robinson. It doesn't have the sustain I get from my Jake Robinson SJ Bearclaw Sitka/Brazilian, but that's ok. I didn't expect it too, and I'm kind of glad it doesn't because I don't always want that much sustain.

The tone, play-ability are good enough already that I'm going to buy a set of Gold Gotoh 21:1 510 series tuners to replace the cheaper set of Gotoh's on it, and a matching gold pair of Gotoh strap buttons to install. I'll also replace the bridge pins with a set of I find more visibly appealing and install the Thomastik Plectrums at the same time. I also think a mahogany truss rod cover would look better than the Ebony so I may make one.

It is always a risk buying a guitar without playing it first. I've done it many times, but buy at a price point where I can afford a loss or partial loss if I need to resell it. Any time I've gotten a guitar that wasn't as advertised, I've been able to return it or or solicited a partial refund. In my opinion, this guitar was easily worth the money, and I would have paid more if I had been able to play it first.

And, a big "thank you" to the original poster. I wasn't looking to buy another guitar right now, but this captured my interest. It looks, plays and sound like a keeper. I guess we'll see, eh?

I'll post some pics after I do my "thing" and upgrade come of the accessories.
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Old 12-03-2019, 08:56 AM
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Default Congrats

I am trying to remember what it was that George Gruhn says about buying a guitar that you are buying it to play and don't worry about how much you might get for it if you want to sell it.
And as I thought sounds like you got yourself a very decent guitar for what I consider a really decent price.And sounds as if it might be a keeper for you so again congrats and lets hope it opens others eyes.
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Old 12-03-2019, 12:52 PM
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As the original poster, I'm glad this guitar made it into the hands of someone here on AGF. Someone got a nice guitar for a good price. The seller got to raise some money to keep building guitars, and I got to have my curiosity satisfied without explaining to the wife why I was buying another guitar. It's a win, win, win.
Would love to see more pictures when it's all set up. Maybe we can entice the owner for a video. So we can hear how it sounds.
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