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Old 05-04-2017, 10:28 PM
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Default NGD Custom Gibson Truss Rod Insanity

New Gibson Southern Jumbo. The guitar's action was so low that it was almost unplayable. It sounded OK with a little too much buzz when played hard, but capo at the first fret would make buzz bad, capo at the 5th and it was unplayable as all strings were on the frets when you strummed lightly.

Used my Gibson truss rod tool to loosen truss rod. Truss nut was as usual on new guitar sticky/stuck. I easily broke it loose and did a 1/4 turn. The truss nut was floaty at this point with no tension on it. I tuned it played it and gave the neck a wee push pull. Strings (and tone) better, but still too low. Another 1/4 turn to loosen and the nut could be turned with a breath as it was under no tension. Repeated everything and the playability was much better as was TONE!!! A big yay to that, but I heard this strange vibration on treble strings that I had heard before and new that it was a loose truss rod or loose truss nut... scared now that there is a neck/truss problem. I went ahead and finger tightened the nut down as it was vibrating around visibly and then gave a very mild snug with the truss tool to stop the nut (or nut & rod?) from vibrating.

The guitar sounds sooooo much better and plays better, but the action is still a tiny bit too low.

Does it sound like I have a neck or truss rod problem?

Do I need to have the nut and saddle raised ?

God Bless
Guitar Fundi

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Old 05-05-2017, 12:16 AM
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Without having the guitar in front of us, we are all just guestimating the process.

Nothing worse than a rattly truss rod.

I have at times, where a truss rod has been placed into tension and it still rattles, removed an inlay drilled down to the location of the rattle and repotted the truss rod at this location.

The point it can be rectified, you would however need to visit someone local to yourself to identify really what it needs.

From your description, I am assuming the truss has been wound off to nothing, so you have lots of relief at the 7th to 9th and then start choking out around 10th onwards, then the action is still to low for your playing style, with a raise of the saddle and the bringing on of the truss rod, it may all be resolved, but again this is just a guestimation hence the advice of seeking someone local to you.

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Old 05-05-2017, 06:45 AM
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Just from the OP - I was guessing the neck had a bit of back bow... Strings are on the frets all over the place.

Wait a couple days and see how things settle down. You will probably need to tighten the truss rod back up a little to dial in your neck relief. Necks can take some time to react to the string tension and take a little relief like they are supposed to have.

Once the neck relief is right - if the strings are too low you may need a taller saddle.

If the neck set is out of whack - send it back to Gibson....
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