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Originally Posted by raysachs View Post
But they’re all different too, kind of like wood guitars. I’ve had wood guitars I never bonded with and wood guitars I’ve loved and had for years. I’ve never played a Rainsong, not because I think they’re anything but excellent guitars, but every clip I’ve heard of them they tend to sound brighter than I like. Sort of like the Taylor of carbon fiber - I’ve played Taylor’s (and owned one) and they’re not my cup of tea either, but they’re obviously great guitars. So much of it is just personal preference. This player might not have bonded with a Rainsong dread but might love one of the Emerald or CA or MacPherson options...

Interesting analogy, Ray. As a former Taylor fanboy, I've found larger Rainsongs very easy to like, and you may have explained the reason why bonding with RS dreads and WS has been seamless...
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It's a very interesting question. I'm not sure if I've ever 'bonded' with any guitar as evidenced with constant turnover and rotation of guitars I've owned. Over the past 7 years some 35 guitars have come and gone which seems to indicate I'm incapable of bonding. Or maybe I just haven't met 'the one' yet. I can say that on some metaphysical level I do feel more like wood guitars are alive and carbon fiber guitars are not (dead?). But that might come from the constant 'drifting' of tone and tuning from even the slightest change in temperature or humidity. And I really did LOVE having guitars that were rock solid in that regard when it came to owning all carbon fiber a very short time ago. I get the feeling that I will always rotate out my guitars just because there is SO much out there and I love trying out new and different. But it will be interesting to see if there ever comes a time when one just blows me away to the point where I will never part with it.

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