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Old 03-09-2021, 02:23 AM
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To date I have stayed below the 3,000 euro ceiling I have set myself. For an exceptional instrument I might stretch up to 5k but it would have to be very special TO ME, and not "just an investment" - for maybe a 1930s National resonator or a first generation Rickenbacker 360. I would love an L5CES with a single P90 but that's above 5k......
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Old 03-09-2021, 01:38 PM
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Default Cost and value

To quote a fellow from another support group

"My greatest fear is that, after I die, my wife will sell all my XXX for what I told her I paid for them."

(XXX = tools, guitars, guns, paintings, record albums, electronics, stamps, whatever)

One of the best-playing (and worst-sounding) guitars I ever owned was a $10 "rescue" guitar from a flea market. Unplayable. Neck was bowed so badly the strings laid on the frets. (But the neck had no twist in it whatsoever.) I adjusted the bridge height and with a flat file, round file, sandpaper and a wood block, did a fret job on it.

Nowhere near as difficult as it was truing up a bent-up bicycle wheel - that involved completely re-spoking the thing.

Nice, close action and as sweet and easy playing as anything I have ever had the opportunity to play. Sold it when I changed duty stations for $50 (but the buyer never did pay me the last half of the price).

As a player, I am willing to pay for:

Sound quality, Playability, decent electronics if present, durability and a nice case to protect my beloved.

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Old 03-10-2021, 12:09 PM
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Default tone, projection and playability come at a price but....

I have only ever bought 2 guitars new, about 60 used most of which I've still got. I may have paid over market value on one or two but believe I have been sensible on the vast majority all the way up to 12,500.00 pounds for a mid 90's Benedetto. I look at around 40-50% of the new price as a starting point for valuing used guitars and increase the percentage toward the higher end instruments depending on the age. The large scale manufacturers need a big margin for their re-sellers + big overhead cost recovery whilst the individual luthiers have no advantage of mass production. Better known brands such as Froggy Bottom, Santa Cruz etc have built a reputation from building fine instruments with beautiful tone and expression and their guitars represent real value and a solid long term investment. The time ( labour cost) for building a guitar is much the same on matter what tone woods are used, Brazilian Rosewood does give wonderful results and Koa, particularly with a fine grade spruce top can really sing. Every now and then I come across a 'fluke' - a guitar that costs comparitivelly little but sounds fantastic !
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Old 03-11-2021, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by kayakman View Post
Has anyone asked ,why did you spend that much money on a guitar?Just curious..
Sure, I've been asked by some non-musicians, and I've provided some sticker shock to a few others, wishing to know how much a "nice" guitar costs, so they can begin playing. Most musician friends are more supportive, less judgmental.
"It's only castles burning." - Neil Young
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