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Old 02-14-2015, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by mot View Post
I could argue for or against some aspect of recent posts, but I find that in guitar preferences like politics there's just no reason to waste the energy on changing minds of those who aren't able to see another side.

Instead I'll spend that energy in a more positive fashion and practice chords and associated scales in the Gary Burton class I am taking.

= off topic = Hey, I'm taking that class too! It's all a bit over my head but I'm hoping to glimmer at least some things from it.
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Originally Posted by Captaincranky View Post
No, I'm not trying to dodge anything.Nor am I willing to be condescended to at level I've been relegated to, simply because I'm new here.
Come on Cranky. This has nothing to do with you being new, and you are way out of line throwing the race card... you know good and well no one is taking exception with you in those ways. You are dodging again.

You said, quote: "... Most of the noise coming from this forum is backlash against wood guitar owners. So, "haters gonna hate, and the hated's gonna hate back", no matter which side of the topic starts the ball rolling. ... I've been around long enough to know that dogma is still dogma, whether the topic is plastic or matchsticks."

I asked a simple & polite question. Please post ONE link where a CF forum owner and participant "hated" on wood guitars? We are respectful here. Simple question... should be a simple answer.
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OK, against my better judgement...

You came in late to this thread, which had already gotten contentious, and came across as trying to "educate" us about the definition of "plastic." You pulled two quotes from something I wrote, COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT. In other words, your behavior was immature. Don't like being called "cranky boy," don't come across that way. Go back and read it again: I did not call you "boy," (and resent you trying to make a racial inference), I called you "a cranky boy." A fair description of the way you are acting.

"Autocratic superiority complex"? Do you think name-calling is a good way to come into a forum? Do you have the educational credentials to toss that diagnosis around?

You have nothing significant to add to the conversation, other than try to stir things up once again.

Regarding your Ovations: many of us have had Ovations (I owned one for 14 years, and it was just fine). They are not remotely close to the carbon fiber offerings discussed on this forum.

You could have tried some tact for your entry to this thread. Instead, you came in looking for an argument (and a lame, blatant attempt to belittle me, personally, with your out of context quotes), then whine when you are not welcomed with open arms.

I don't appreciate the way you handled this (and I am apparently not alone), and you are getting back what you tried to dish out. This ISN'T the way friendly people come into a forum. Treatment is according to your behavior. Apparently, you didn't learn anything with your self-professed experience on forums, OR you came in looking for a problem.

By the way, putting "captain" in front of your name is like using "doctor" or "professor" or "lieutenant" when you haven't earned the title.

A real man would step back, realize that friendly people on a forum don't strike out without cause, perhaps apologize to those nice people, then try a different approach. This IS a friendly forum - your approach wasn't.

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If you want a lefty X20, you should email Alistair (Emerald Guitars) and talk to him about what you want. I would guess that he could do it for under 2 grand. I ordered mine direct from him for a great price in 2013. It's as good (and mostly better) than any midrange guitar I have ever played. I take it everywhere.


Off topic again - Cool! I am having fun with the class, but it's pretty far out there for me. I thought I could solve all solo problems with a blues scale, but apparently there are times when I should strive for more. He's got me working hard but my alternative scales are getting better at least.
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