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Old 08-06-2021, 03:58 PM
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Default Should I attempt a re-start?

Iím sure this has been covered, but not as specifically as I would like. I have tried classical full size, short scale, and narrower neck instruments. Iím 74 with hands on the smaller size that just donít stretch like they used to. I play steel string guitar without issue (short scale).

I would like to be able to play some pieces on nylon, but donít want to buy and get frustrated once again. My issue is mainly muting adjacent strings due mainly to neck width and not being able to cover distance between frets required for hitting some notes.

Any advice or options appreciated.

Thanks, Mike
Thanks, Mike

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Old 08-07-2021, 12:36 AM
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You might want to try something like a Cordoba C9 or C10 parlor. That will be shorter scale with a slightly narrower nut than standard classical.... Still will be a wider neck than you are used to though.

You could try a "crossover" classical but most of those have 1 7/8 nuts but a fuller 650mm scale length...

Coming from steel, nylon can take some adjustment.... lowering the thumb on the back of the neck to get the hand in a more classical position. For me it's worth spending some time on classical, because it makes my steel playing better and I enjoy the classical quite a bit for what it is. I also enjoy playing some things on classical more and some things on steel (regardless of what the piece was originally intended for.

Just some thoughts/options. Wishing you luck in whatever you decide to do next.
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Old 08-07-2021, 07:39 AM
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Check out the Rainsong Parlor nylon string guitar. It has a 1 6/8" nut width. I'm not sure if the guitar is still being made but it can be found on the used market.

You might also try what Gibbo is doing in the thread regarding broken strings. You can use high tension nylon strings on a steel string guitar and will find that the tonal qualities will be acceptable while projection will be weak unless plugged in and powered up.

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