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Originally Posted by Mbroady View Post
Truth be told I am skeptical of mic modeling software, though I do not have any experience with modern modeling software.
Can changing EQ curves make a SM57 sound like a U47.
If it gets you half way there then call me impressed.

Then again I do not have much experience with a U47 other then YouTube vid shootouts. And the sound quality of the online vids probably does not do the mics justice. So I would not know if I hit the mark other then if it sounded more to my liking.
EQ curves alone can't get you all the way there but they will get you part of the way there. I don't know how to quantify it in terms of percentage of the way there, but they do give you a flavor the modeled mic and can help someone who is taking mostly blind shots at finding the right mic.

As has been already stated, the right vocal mic is a personal thing. To get the best performance, the singer has to feel confident in front of the microphone. Often in a studio environment, the talent and the engineer will evaluate vocal mic choice together so that both feel the selection works for them. It may be possible to get to a place where you like by judicious use of eq, but if your mic isn't inspiring you to give your best performance, a change of vocal mics may be to your benefit. Besides, one of the goals of a personal recording setup should be to need as little eq as possible by choosing and positioning microphones in such a way as to require minimal equalization. That's not always possible in some studio situations where mic selection isn't optimal but for a personal studio, that should be a goal.
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Originally Posted by jjbigfly View Post
At the risk of being simple, the SM7 would work well for you. Mine seems to be “smoother” than many mics I have used.
Good hunting
Simple is good. I look forward to applying some of the suggestions mentioned in this thread, but I will also order and try out an SM7 on a couple of songs to see if its works for me . If not I will send it back.
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