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Old 06-18-2019, 06:11 AM
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My Taylor Limited came set up with a bone nut and saddle. I really like the sound, but have no basis for comparison.
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Old 06-18-2019, 06:14 AM
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Originally Posted by BluesKing777 View Post
My dog comes for a look in round about going out time and if I am packing up - wipe guitar, put it in case and rack it - she likes to have a long deep sniff of the bone saddled guitars. The synthetic saddled guitars don't get even get a look!

I have mentioned this here a number of times now, so I am relating it in a different way because I am getting a bit bone weary and bone tired telling the story....

When at my luthier/guitar tech for a new saddle, he does a 'high density bone saddle' to ensure undersaddle pickups work, and he hand checks it acoustically and in an amp, and I get to do the same when taking possession of the new saddled guitar. That is what he said. I have to believe him because I have never had a problem. And also glad to get out of his shop because the bone saddle filing and cutting smells like the Dentist's....

And I have read that the guitar 'manufacturers' prefer Tusq, Micarta for the consistency AND they don't need to thoroughly check and play every guitar with a pickup - the robot just keeps spitting them out, I suppose. But a bone saddle with pickup would need to be played a bit and checked a bit to see/hear all strings are working.

HAHA that is so funny that your dog wants the bone! I honestly HATE that smell when sanding saddles and nuts. I took the sides of this saddle down a bit further than I'd like, so I ordered another from Taylor and will put this one in the GS Mini. I'm definitely a fan of what I'm experience with the bone saddle though. Very nice.

Now I need one for my Martin Jr!
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Old 06-18-2019, 08:54 AM
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After nearly 25 years I had a bone saddle made to replace the original Tusq in my 510.

It sounds great.

I don't have a fair way to compare/contrast because it was nearly 3 weeks from drop off to pick up. (I also had a partial refret.)

It still sounds like my guitar. It sure plays better after the pro setup, too.
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Old 06-18-2019, 09:29 AM
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More than 3 years ago I replaced stock TUSQ saddle in my Seagull M6 Gloss (Sitka spruce top, mahogany laminate b&s) with a plain Chinese made bone saddle, compensated, bought at the local guitar shop for around $3.

It made the guitar sound sort of 'sterile' and quiet, all the mojo was gone. I kept it for a couple of weeks and then went back to the original TUSQ saddle.

One month ago I replaced the TUSQ saddle with the same bone saddle. This time the effect was different: I got sweeter, cleaner tone with a bit better sustain, all 'unnecessary' overtones were gone. My understanding that during these 3 years the guitar 'opened up' (it is 15 years old now) and became more responsive, that's why it sounds sweeter now with the bone.

So, Johan, my advice for you will be to try the bone saddle once again in the future, it might improve the tone of your Furch.

Originally Posted by Johan Madsen View Post
My Furch OM 32 SM was delivered with TUSQ nut and saddle , when luthier replaced those with bone when he did a refret: I was really amazed in a negative way about how much brighter , even harsh the tone became. I know that bone provides that kind of tone as Iíve experienced the same with bone picks that just sound to harsh for my taste. That being said itís not necessary a bad things, as all depends about the tone youíre looking for , personnaly I really felt like switching for bone was some kind of downgrade , as all the warmth and vintage woody kind of tone just passed away (I was very surprised with the drastic tonal change). Thatís why I went back to Tusq for the saddle , but kept the bone nut as the luthier did glue it, and that provides a pretty balanced kind of tone , even if itís unusual to mix both. But all I can say is that saddle/nut material can bring a HUGE change in terms of tone. None is Better or worth IMO , but in my experience:
Bone : brighter , more treble , presence for fleshed fingerstyle etc... but can sound harsh
Tusq : warmer sounding , more bass, dryer kind of tone , some may say it sounds muddier (as less brittle)

I think that bone works fine with Martin guitars as they do sound dark (I guess they must sound extra dark with Tusq ) , otherwise it do depends on the builder and the kind of tone youíre looking for .
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Old 06-18-2019, 09:31 AM
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Originally Posted by martingitdave View Post

....apparently, you don't understand my question.....he states there's a difference between bleached and unbleached, but doesn't explain what the difference is between the two, in terms of which he prefers and sarcasm needed....
I have ordered both bleached an unbleached bone saddles for my 814ceDLX (replacing the micarta). I don't know that I can explain the difference. The unbleached was an improvement over micarta and I felt the unbleached was a trifle more articulate than the bleached. When I went from micarta to bleached bone my reaction was "whoa" (in both Taylors). When I went to the unbleached in my 814 the nuance was there, but much more subtle. At $15 each at it wasn't a financial strain to try both. The bleached bone is in my 614ce and was relatively transformative.
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