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Smile Basic Music Theory - Chapter 1 (with quiz)

Please remember you can get this information from lots of other sources - the obvious advantage here is that you can ask if you're confused. Once you have the fundamentals of chord construction under your belt, you shouldn't have any trouble from that point on gaining info from other sources.

Here we go....we start simply...master and move on....master and move on.....

We use 12 notes in western music (not all cultures do).

# = sharp
b = flat

They're named A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#. G, G#. (by the way, the notes without sharps represent the white keys of a piano - the sharps represent the black keys)

Any note named with a sharp can also be named as a flat. For example A# is also called Bb. C# is also called Db , D# = Eb, F# = Gb, and G# = Ab

Obviously it seems like they could have come up with a simpler naming system - you'll see it all works out nicely, complete with patterns.


We call the thin string on your guitar the 1st string and the thickest one the 6th string.

The open strings on a standard tuned guitar represent the notes (from 1st string to 6th string) E B G D A E

The notes up the first string would be open = E
1st fret = F
2nd fret = F# (or Gb)
3rd fret = G
4th fret = G# (or Ab)
5th fret = A
6th fret = A# (or Bb)
7th fret = B
8th fret = C
9th fret = C# (Db)
10th fret = D
11th fret = D# (Eb)
12th fret = E again
13th fret = F again, could keep going

You should name the notes up the other strings making sure the open string matches the 12th fret as a self check. The common error is that people forget that B and C don't have a note between them. Neither do E and F. Again, don't worry, it all works out simply.

Simple Quiz....I'll put the answers in a different post. Remember...we start slowly and master things as we go along. Nothing you ever learn should be difficult.....nothing. Just one little step more involved than something you've already mastered.

Just name the following notes:

1. 1st string at 15th fret

2. 3rd string at 12th fret

3. 2nd string at 8th fret

4. 5th string at 10th fret

5. 4th string at 5th fret

6. 4th string at 4th fret

7. 6th string at 2nd fret

8. 3rd string at 11th fret

9. 3rd string at 5th fret

10. 4th string at 10th fret
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