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Old 03-09-2010, 02:28 PM
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As I stared at the pile of effects I own wondering who stays and who goes.....
I noticed the Baggs ParaDi.....

High impedance input for acoustic intruments with adjustable gain, nice analog EQ with knobs, DI output and an effects loop (for wrapping in things like the M9).

Might this be an even nicer solution to your DI plus EQ tweakability in real time?


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Old 03-09-2010, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by ninjakyle View Post
bought the m9, expression pedal and di today. I actually really liked how the me-25 sounded but the eq options and way the pedals work sold me on the m9 (much to the disappointment of my wallet).

Can't wait to get all my settings figured out.
Enjoy! Best of luck with your new kit, and hope it gives you exactly what you're looking for. There's a wealth of stuff in there - have fun discovering it all!
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Old 03-11-2010, 07:15 AM
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Can I throw a curve here? I recently picked up a BOSS ME 70 for my T5s and 614ce. I have lots if individual pedals, a couple of pedal boards, the newest Vox Tone LAB ST, and used to own a BOSS ME 50. I have to say that the ME 70 is one of the best matches for my T5, in a multi-effects board I have used. I have also used/owned a DigiTech GNX3000, a GNX4 workstation, and RP500. The BOSS ME 70 works for me better than any of the others. I like (1) the simplicity--no need for menues and playing with 4 way knobs like the POD stuff I am too impatient to figure out (2) the over all effects are superior to the ME 50 and very usable for acoustic and electric
(3) the "clean" channel on the amp modeler is very sweet AND you get your options of switching it off/ and, or using only the eq section. The looper is good for live use where you do not need to save loops but want to run some leads, etc. or loop the verses so you can concentrate on vocals, and (4) it is much quiter than my Tone LAB ST.
The ME 70 is a little more than the ME 20, but you don't need any additional outboard gear (unless you want a simple DI box). I have to say that I am skeptical of multi effects, having owned and dumped many. The ME 70 far exceeded my expectations and is truly simple to get good tones. I don't need the EZ tone function but it may help with other players.
Very impressed and surprised with the ME 70, so I would not count it out.
BTW, I plugged directly into a SoloAmp/also the BOSE PAS/ GB Compak300 10T, switched off the amp sim and went into several different tube combos and got great results.
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Old 10-24-2017, 11:04 PM
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Default Flamenco Update

Thought I'd update this thread.

I now have a Cordoba Gk Pro, and with my Takamine and Sanchis (both with Palathetic/CTP2 pickup/preamp. All give an excellent sound out of the box (I leave the mic blend on the GK all the way down).

(Note: this is for Flamenco (nylon string) only; Acoustic steel string guitars and even classical perspectives are so different as to be almost unrelated)...

I have found that the key effect I like for Flamenco is a transparent overdrive (e.g. the Chandler mic tube preamp modeled in Helix (Native), Wampler Euphoria or my GT-1. Chorus and Reverb not so much, and only for specific solos or intros.... I don't use amp modeling at all.
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