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If you are serious, go to the best school you can afford. Blackbird Studio has one in Nashville.

I studied composition, electronic music, and recording studio techniques in college and was hired right out of school into a career as a recording engineer/producer. My title is sound designer for film and video, or technically, Audio Post Production Design Engineer. Part of that is engineering and producing music for film and video, which includes writing and composing score music.

What I discovered is that a microscopic minority of folks fall into a career in music and get hired for their looks at 19 years of age. People reach their stale date for getting into performing at about 25 these days. Most others involved in the field study it and then practice the craft for years before they experience success.

I started in 1981 at the height of the music biz's first recession when a guitarist or music recording engineer couldn't get a-rrested, much less a job. Unbelievably, I was hired as the junior-most onto a team of eleven audio engineers at a TV network. I got every schlock assignment and odd shift on the planet for ten years while I honed my craft and grabbed every music assignment I could get. I transitioned into multi-track post production in about 1984. Within about ten years, though attrition in a field full of stress, sturm, and drang, I found myself the senior engineer in the house. Being hired away to school and onto that crew seems to have been the only "lucky" break I got - the rest was a slow slog up a muddy path with a heavy pack.

Has it been worth it? Yeah. I looked around me in 1980 and realized that I couldn't see a single professional guitarist who had been able to keep a family together or stay off drugs. I chose this path so I could have a family and the love of a wife. I wake up in the same bed every morning with my college sweetheart by my side. My dogs love me and I get to do enough music that I don't get tired of it.

Life is good. Best of luck to you.

"It is said, 'Go not to the elves for counsel for they will say both no and yes.' "
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Im in the same boat as you except i have a degree in music business. I went to a regionally well respected school 16 years ago. I was all set to transfer to middle Tennessee state. (I couldn’t afford belmont) but i got a off I couldn’t refuse to stay home run the family business.

I got screwed out of the family business and now im going through a divorce. Im 38 have close to 300 songs wrote. Im just going to open mic nights locally and watching. Watching em mess up seeing what works what dont.

I know im good do you? Its just a question. Because you better be good. My friend told me the other day there are nonstop flights to Nashville starting from our town in January. He said its a sign and hes gonna help me. Im gonna fly into town at least every couple months. I took a security job working 4 days a week. I got nothing to lose and if you want it you better cut all dead weight. Live off a can of wolf brand chili a day and wake up thinking your waylon jennings because i do. And I haven’t done nothing. What are you willing to do. Thats the real question

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Originally Posted by romancandle View Post
Anybody have tips for learning music production, finding a fan base, and songwriting opportunities where I could potentially pitch my songs to other artists?
I think if you're serious about wanting a career -meaning being somewhat gainfully employed for many years- I think if was back at the starting line now I'd look into doing songs and scoring for TV. I think having a big recording artist record your work now days means at best you'll get a percentage of their relatively tiny streaming revenue. Gone forever are the days that you're going to have a big artist record your song, they sell millions of physical units, and you getting mailbox money for life. Or at least it's going to be a very very rare thing going forward. I have a few artists I play with that wrote big songs for big artists back in the day, and it's hard not envy them. And they repost the checks are getting a lot smaller, except when, say, a Netflix show uses a song... Again, it's a different world now. The good news is there are thousands of TV shows and small movies being made now days all over the world, and they pay. Just my two cents, but I'd focus on the music production thing for sure, because you'll want to be self-contained. But I'd mostly be looking for companies that work with licensing music.
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Get out and gig as much as you can in your local music scene. If you are out in public playing your original songs all the time chances are someone in the biz will hear you. Other musicians will befriend you. You'll build a fan base.

When you have successfully made it to the top in your local music scene then you might want to consider moving to a music city like NY, Nashville, Los Angeles, or Austin. Be prepared to start at the bottom and work your way up all over again.

If it was easy everyone would do it.
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