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Nothing wrong with being at a plateau if it's a high enough plateau that you can play what you want to play. Guitarists at any level will plateau temporarily, permanently, or go downhill.

Nothing abstract with theory, etc.. Instead do a lot of listening to find pieces of music that inspire you enough that you want to play them yourself (of course being halfway realistic about it). Work diligently on those. You will likely expand your skill set and enjoy yourself doing so.
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Originally Posted by Guitar Slim II View Post
Sorry, but where did you hear this!? Great players didn't get great by learning from other great players? I must disagree!

The much-told BB King story is about him trying to emulate the sound and style of a player he admired. Isn't that "copying?" And are you saying that Eric and Jimi never dropped a needle on a record or copped a solo? I would bet money that every one of them learned at least one BB King song, for example, and a bunch of his licks.

Personal style will develop, as it did for the players above. Meantime, players should work on getting better in styles they love -- by playing the songs and artists they love!
It was just a question about different goals. If a person wants to write music, for instance, he might want to spend time doing something differently than if he wants to perform covers. And if you need to develop personal style to reach that goal, but don't have a lifetime in front of you left to do that, copying others might not be the most efficient way, so the question was when, that's all. I'm sure that these greats learned from others, but I don't think they spent many of their adult years copying others note for note. Just a guess, though, I don't know, you could be right.
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