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Originally Posted by Earl49 View Post
Harummpph. If they call our CF instruments "plastic guitars", I would counter with a comment about them using "plastic strings".
Nice play!!
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Not too long after I got my first Cargo, I attended a seminar given by a well known fingerstyle player, who shall remain unnamed here. He gave a concert the night before, and a few folks showed up for the seminar, probably around 6 or 8 people.

Most of these folks, as usual in these things, had nice small builder boutique guitars, while I took along my Cargo. Everybody else was involved in swapping guitars to try each other's out, including the person giving the seminar. When I tried to get involved, everybody turned their noses up at my guitar and had no interest in even holding it. Nobody made comments, but just shunned me. Fortunately, I was still rather new to the Cargo and excited enough about it to not let it get to me (too much...).

From my perspective, it doesn't really matter what other people think of my choice in guitars because the important thing is that I have to be comfortable with it so it actually gets played. I have had high end boutique guitars that really didn't fit me well and consequently ended up not being played, but would have given me bragging rights in situations such as that seminar.

Honestly, I can easily afford a high end boutique guitar, even an Olson. I wouldn't be surprised if some of those owning high end boutique guitars have to borrow money to get them, which, in my practice of debt free living, is very bad money management, to say the least. I don't play what I play because it is all I can afford. Carbon fiber guitars are very, very good and certainly no longer eclipsed by fine wood guitars. If the guitar doesn't suit me, what is the point. We will never be happy if we let other people dictate what we play, what we wear, where we live, etc. (remember the lyrics of the Stones' Satisfaction?). It is my life and my choices, not theirs.

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