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Originally Posted by Silly Moustache View Post
A thought occured to me.

Gere in the UK in the '60s a guitar was a very precious thing, they were expensive and difficult to find, so if you got one, esp. an "American" one, you treasured it.

I guess the first truly reliced guitar I saw was made that way by real road warrior work, and that was, I think, a white (or butterscotch) Fender Esquire played by Jeff Beck when he used to play and the Eel Pie Island club on Wednedays with "the Tridents".

Even then it looked so wrecked that I, a drummer, thought it looked weird.
The Stones were still playing Harmonys.

The next wrecked up guitar I remember was when I'd just started playing guitar and made friends with a starving luthier called Chis Eccleshall in west London. He used to work on stuff from a number of pretty famous guys. He phoned me up one day to tell me he had Rory Gallagher's D35 in for a set up. He knew I was looking for a Martin and hadn't seen a d35.

I drove over to see the d35 with a really high action, "that's how he likes it!" he said, same as his electric, and he pointed to a Strat that, as I remember, didn't have enough paint on to say what it ever was, dirty brown wood and grime, and with a very high action. "whose are they? "A guy called Rory Gallagher" I'd heard of him, but hadn't met or seen him. Later, I reailised how hard he worked his guitars.
Plus, Rory's Strat was stolen and dumped in a ditch and apparently stayed there for a couple of weeks. A bit of proto-relicing.
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Originally Posted by Paleolith54 View Post
Asked and answered. In reverse order.
Best post in this thread. Couldn't have said it better myself.
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I just bought a used SRV Fender Strat a couple of weeks ago. Some of the ones I saw "reliced", were at "spit out your coffee in shock" prices. It made me think I'm not gonna worry about a few "earned" nicks and dings on a 23 year old guitar. (And I have no intention of artificially furthering the process...) ;-)

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I am a traditionalist and a conservative curmudgeon...and am on the fence with it....that being said, I do not like anything shiny at all, even when it comes to electric guitars...I bought my Fano and she shows use and appears rel-Icked, but I love that P90 in the neck more than anything and just enjoy playing that guitar....i live with the looks and it kind of looks cool...

When I commissioned my Underwood, I did ask for Chad to “not make her shiny brand new looking” and he accomplished that very almost has a satin finish on her and a few knocks here and there...looks amazing in addition to sounding amazing and I accomplished having a tele built that didn’t feel like it had a wax job on her....

Some of the Rel-Icked guitars out there look awful...

I wouldn’t pass on a guitar because she had a relic job on her like my Fano.....she sounds and feels amazing.....but I don’t go out into the market to shop for relic guitars.....
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