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Old 03-06-2024, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Silly Moustache View Post
I figured out way back in the '60s that many/most people even those that say they like music, only really listen to the beat, to bobabout to.

If there is a REALLY simple repetitive chant type melody, like "We Will Rock You (Queen 1977) the crowd will join in a chant.

Further, I suspect that chord progressions have become simpler over the decades,

Simpler progressions means more simplistic melodies, and as far as I can see/hear in pop music now, then we are lucky to get two chords!

The use of simple chord progressions is not new they have been around as long as music itself.

The complexity of melodies or number of melody notes is not tied to the number of chords
(Think Ravels Bolero 4 chords, C major drone , but two different 18 bar melody lines and key changes and a slow build crescendo )

There were arguably many more 2 and 3 chord popular music songs in the past than currently
I would seriously doubt there are any current pop songs with only 1 or 2 chords

The current corporate pop/country formulaic music mind set is predominantly based on 4 chords. Now granted far too often it is the same or similar 4 chord progression, with only slight melodic variation being used, but that is the fault of the formula mind set and not inherent in the song structure itself

Do I like the current pop/country music situation and radio airplay No, but I think the situation is a lot more complex than just simplification of song structure
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I can’t say what’s playing on CMT because I don’t watch it but I can name quite a few currently working country singer songwriters that have no problem writing songs with great melodies…..I’ll spare you the list.

It’s never been easier to find great music to listen to both new and old… any genre… listening to schlock is on the listener..
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