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Old 10-30-2020, 06:14 PM
J-Doug J-Doug is offline
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Default Have you fulfilled your guitar collection fantasies?

Am I done with GAS? Probably never. But have I fulfilled my acoustic guitar fantasies? OH YEAH!

Have you fulfilled yours? If not, what are you pining for?
Doug, guitar player of variable quality for over 35 years.

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Old 10-30-2020, 06:21 PM
L20A L20A is offline
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I am happy with what I have but I am always on the lookout for something that gets my interest up.

An example is my Baritone.
I like it but would be interested in the 8 string version.

My Resonator guitar is nice but it would be fun to have a Beard upgrade.

I have 2 guitars that don't get as much playing time as my others go.
I might look at selling them both for a nicer GA/OM size guitar.

So as you see, I'm happy but always on the look out.
Happiness Is A New Set Of Strings
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Old 10-30-2020, 06:31 PM
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To not be able to contemplate the next ďoneĒ..................oh my, the horror
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Old 10-30-2020, 06:39 PM
Brooklyn Bob Brooklyn Bob is offline
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I am very blessed to have what I have but it's still fun having the antenna up for possible additions to the tribe.
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Old 10-30-2020, 06:44 PM
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Unless a Guild F-612 shows up .... I think I'm there.

p.s. - Nice shot there J-Doug!

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Old 10-30-2020, 06:48 PM
Mattface Mattface is offline
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I'm very happy with what I have, but my dream collection would probably consist of a couple more guitars.
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Old 10-30-2020, 06:50 PM
mischultz mischultz is offline
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I donít even have the first piece in place. Weíre making good progress on the family finances and I can see owning a second or third in the next few years, but the current Taylor isnít the right fit as an only child.

I have a small chunk of music seeding money in the stock market with maybe a three year time frame. Weeks like this one are double depressing. Once for the evaporating value and again for the additional wait on the prize at the end of the line. But thatís what patience is for, to let the trajectory rebalance itself.
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Old 10-30-2020, 07:12 PM
mc1 mc1 is offline
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One of my guitar collection fantasies is that my new Pagelli guitar is trapped in a room full of french fries and the only way to save it is to eat my in.

Sadly, that remains unfulfilled.
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Old 10-30-2020, 07:24 PM
sayheyjeff sayheyjeff is online now
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Incredibly lucky to have a load of really nice guitars and time in retirement to play them. Never keeps me from thinking about other guitars. For a few years, the opportunity to play other great guitars owned by friends when we played together helped keep gas in check. Not be a particularly talented player also helped keep gas in check as I know I will not get too much more out of guitars I might find particularly interesting. However, the relative isolation we are in due to the pandemic makes me think about other guitars now jams are really not happening for the foreseeable. Would love to play a gypsy jazz guitar. A resonator would be cool too as would a nice classical or crossover. I think about 12 fret 000s as I find them particularly comfortable (short scale even better). A Flammang el35 like the one that got away a while back would get my attention as would a Kopp RJ. Then there are guitars I have found to be really special by luthiers I have met or seen their work in at a show or a store and found their instruments to have special appeal to me. Froggy Bottom, MaCubbin, McKight, Klassen, Big Hollow Blazer and Henkes, Osthoff, Indian Hill Mike, Dion, and more. Yea, have time to think about other guitars.

Flammang RS35, Lowden F38, Santa Cruz PJ, Santa Cruz OM, Martin 0018vs, Eastman 810ce, Recording King RPH 03, Martin LX (on loan), Martin OM28v (traded), Martin 00017s (sold), Bourgeois Martin Simpson Slope D 12 fret (sold), Larrivee Parlor (traded), Gibson LG1 (sold), Seagull Folk (traded)
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Old 10-30-2020, 07:27 PM
Mandobart Mandobart is offline
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I (currently) have the acoustic guitars I want. I've got my first guitar, keeping just out of sentimentality. Nice 12 string (Ovation slothead), classic bluegrass dread (HD-28), Eastman archtop, Altamira gypsy jazz guitar and Gold Tone Paul Beard round neck resonator. Each one different from the other.

A few of these I had been contemplating/researching for a while before buying. I'll never say never, but there's nothing I'm looking for right now.

I've got more than I need regarding fiddles and mandolin-family instruments as well.

I rented an upright bass a couple years back and really liked it. If I were to get another instrument it'd likely be an upright bass, tenor 'ukulele or 5 string banjo.

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Old 10-30-2020, 07:34 PM
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After several years of buying and selling I’m real close
I have one more to sell and two more to add
Additions are a 12 string, probably a Furch and the other is a Martin D-35, preferably an Ambertone D-35
MJ Franks Lagacy OM, Furch D32-LM, Stonebridge OM33-SR DB. Boucher BG-52, Voyage Air VAD-2, Rainsong H-WS1000N2T, Tacoma Papoose, 72 Fender Strat
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Old 10-30-2020, 07:38 PM
Silly Moustache Silly Moustache is offline
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However I should have. 3 dreads, three archtops, 2 12 strings, a 12 fret jumbo, a 000 and a 00, a dobro, a national, an weissenborn,a mandolin and a banjo - and in November lasyt year I bought a size "0" shown here :

and, contemplating passing my 0 model to a friend, I recently bought this :

Have I done ? Well I thought so last year, but when GAS attacks .....
Silly Moustache,
Elderly singer, guitarist, dobrolist and mandolinist.

Hey folks, I'm now offering one to one lessons/meetings via Zoom! See:
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Old 10-30-2020, 07:46 PM
fmbstrummer fmbstrummer is offline
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Yeah. Right. Who does that?

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Old 10-30-2020, 07:55 PM
BluesKing777 BluesKing777 is offline
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No, no and no...BUT...........I just love a houseful of acoustic guitars!

Now, this will give some of you the creeps, but you arenít done until you have ordered a luthier hand built full custom to your specs! (the more guitars you have played and owned, the better your specs are!).

So I am going to my music room right now to play my custom built!

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Old 10-30-2020, 08:19 PM
jpd jpd is offline
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Default Hmmmmmm.....

Doug, your herd is looking good! Selling off my current group(except for the 0-15). Still looking for that mythical "Grail"
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