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Originally Posted by Sasquatchian View Post
The choice of DAW isn't going to make much of a difference in recording acoustic instruments. That choice really comes down to what you're comfortable with. There are a few reasons that make Logic an obvious choice though. One is that you know it's going to be compatible with the Mac OS - always. It's very versatile. When you move to one of the new M1 chipped Macs or MacBookPro's, you know it will be native to Silicon architecture, and it's easy to use.
I am a long time Pro Tools user ( and it may be just prejudice ) because I still think it is the most elegant and intuitive DAW for recording, mixing, and audio editing, available .
However I agree as I said previously .... If I were starting out with DAW recording on a Mac,,,, I too would simply consider Logic as the next logical (pun) step , from Garage Band. And yes especially with Apples move to it's own silicon chips

When I set up our home studio, which was primarily to record remote sessions for my gf, it seemed that most of the composers who hired her were using Logic, so it was easier to be compatible with them as very often they will just send the entire Logic Project complete with their multi-time signature, multi- bpm click tracks already in place. For the composer that are using ProTools, they either send us a Logic Project or just send the backing tracks which I load into Logic.

Although it's hard to imagine Apple abandoning Logic, they do have a track record in that department. They, without much warning, dropped development and support for Aperture, leaving many photographers high and dry and who can forget when Final Cut 7 was a a major force in Hollywood and the replaced it with Final Cut X, which was just a glorified iMovie and pissed off an entire audience, forcing them to go to Premiere, Avid and finally ReSolve.
Yes I have used FCPX for years but keep threatening to check out Resolve

I kept hearing one of the hosts of The Master Show podcast rave about Reaper so I downloaded it and just could not get me head around it at all. Logic ain't perfect but it's pretty ****ed good and it gets the job done and combined with an Apollo x8p, some really great mics and some equally great plug-ins, we're getting nothing but compliments on the tracks we're sending out.
I had the same issue with Reaper (no doubt in large part do to 10-12 years of PT use already under my belt) but it just seemed so counterintuitive and dare I say convoluted in work flow (comparatively) and foreign in nomenclature, I gave up after the 60 day trial period

The one Logic quirk that drives me nuts is that when you do volume automation on a mono track and then export it or just bounce it in place, there is a check box to "Include Volume and Pan Automation". So, when you check that to include your volume automation, even when there's no panning automation on the track, outputs a stereo track. It doesn't make any difference in how you use the track later but it is twice the file size and that's one thing that ProTools does not do.
Interesting Also I think PT's method for stereo panning is perhaps simpler (albeit logic has more options) Now for a solo acoustic guitar recording the difference is meaningless, but I think for multi acoustic and or electric guitar recordings,, done in stereo the dual pan knob (in PT) is so easy , accurate, straight forward and quick, to dial in both amount of spread and relative position.

Still Logic is cheap at $200 and you really can't go wrong with it. It's more important to have a couple of good mic's and work on mic placement and some sort of acoustic treatment both for you recording space and for you playback space, and to have some really good monitors and headphones so you know what you're listening to. The monitors are really that important and that's the reason I spent close to half my audio investment on a Genelec calibrated system. Can't stress this part of the equation enough. If you can't afford good monitors, then at least get a decent set of cans.
This ^^ is nail on the head
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