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Old 01-09-2012, 05:46 PM
dchristo dchristo is offline
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Default jumbo frets ???

Im having one of my guitars refreted, thinking about jumbo frets...

Im wondering, is there advantages or disadvantages ?????
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Old 01-09-2012, 10:22 PM
Ned Milburn Ned Milburn is offline
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What type of guitar? What type of playing style??

The main guitar style that uses jumbo frets is the hard rock - Jackson, Ibanez, etc. Reason is that the strings being higher off the fretboard give more opportunity to grip the string for 2 and a half tone string bends. Other than this, in all my life with guitars (playing/repairing/building) I can't remember seeing any other jumbo-fretted (super-jumbo-fretted? - see below) instruments.

- Ned.

PS - I decided to update with some more info. I got 2 US strats on my bench for set-up today (new store stock) with stickers still on advertising them as having "Jumbo Frets". So, that blows apart my above statement. Then, when thinking a bit more, I remembered that Gibson SG's and other guitars also have this type of large fret. But, there is where nomenclature comes in... What fender is calling "jumbo frets", I would just call "large". Just like coffees in the USA at Starbucks - a USA starbucks large is a Canadian extra-large. So, you'll find large (or jumbo) frets on quite a few guitars (mostly electric), and super-jumbo frets on thrash rock guitars. Hope this clarifies rather than confuses.

Ned Milburn
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Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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